Monday, 20 February 2012

Items of Desire- Easy Fake Lashes

Although it absolutely pains me to say it, I am completely hopeless at applying fake lashes! I guess I always felt that I already had quite long natural lashes and a few coats of mascara was enough. But sometimes I would really like to put in a bit of extra effort and wear some falsies too. Every time I have attempted fake lashes I have failed miserably. I was daft enough to try individual ones first and they were so small and fiddly. I have also tried strip ones but I didn't feel like I was wearing them correctly.

So anything that makes applying lashes easily is a must for me.

And so, I am very curious about trying these false lashes. They have easy place strings to help apply them better.

I am unsure how you remove the red strings and I am a bit worried I may accidentally glue them on too, but I am still keen to try these. They make applying lashes look so easy!

I have often thought about giving eyelash extensions applied at a salon a go. They last about 2 weeks from what I have heard, and you have to go back to get them removed. But it seems a bit wasteful spending out money that way when these easy lashes could work out a lot cheaper.

I am hoping that with time, more lashes will come with these easy place strings. Anything that can save you a bit of time and effort has got to be a good thing.


  1. I may not have super long and full eyelashes but I don't feel I need to wear the fakes. Sure they make the eyes look really nice and stand out but I rub my eyes a lot so wearing makeup is plenty for me >.<

    If you do decide to get the easy apply ones, please do a review! :D

    ~ Kieli ~

    1. Despite having good lashes, I have seen lots of my friends wearing them and I like the look of them. I especially would like to use them for a more princess style look. Falsies or not, I am constantly battling the desire to rub my eyes! XD

      I would like to do a review if I get them! :)

    2. Lol! Well if you ever do get them, I look forward to the review :3

      ~ Kieli ~


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