Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Bonjour Honey (Etsy) review- positive

Today I will be reviewing a gold star clip replica which I have brought from Bonjour Honey on Etsy. Some of you may have already heard of this shop because it has been posted to various communities. Why? Because their shooting star clips are almost identical to the Chocomint star clips. Her Etsy feedback is 100% Positive!

Here is a link to the Etsy store-

I didn't actually intend to buy a replica, but the thing is, the gold Chocomint star is a bit harder to get hold of. Gold was always the most popular colour choice. Most places stock the pink, but not gold. So I gave in because I had heard such strongly positive things about Bonjour Honey.

Ordering Process

Ordering from Etsy is quite straight forward. You will need an Etsy account, but it doesn't take too long to set one up. We were able to place an order very quickly. You can pay with Paypal, which is also a bonus. The owner of Bonjour Honey was very good at updating the order status so I always knew how far my order had processed. I didn't need to contact the seller, but I get the impression that she was a very sympathetic and responsible Etsy shop owner.


From ordering, it took just over 3 weeks to get to here in the UK from America. The standard time it usually takes to deliver from the US to the UK is about 2-3 weeks for the type of shipping that was used. So when you take away the item making time, the shipping time was quite reasonable. There was never any need to panic. The item was shipped in a bubble wrap envelope with additional bubble wrap inside. So it was very secure indeed.

So is the replica star clip the same as the real thing? Yes. The 2 clips are almost identical. The differences are very subtle.

On the left we have the Bonjour Honey replica and on the right is a pink Chocomint star clip. There are a few subtle differences. The material used is the same, but the replica is slightly less shiny.

The edges on the Chocomint clip are slightly more rounded and the Chocomint star is also a bit plumper. 

The stitching has been done very neatly. When compared to the chocomint clip, the stitching on the replica's 2 smaller stars is slightly more noticeable, but it has still been done well. 

The replica's clip is a teeny bit smaller.

As you can see, the replica is VERY good. It is very close to the original and if you were quickly glancing, you wouldn't necessarily notice the gold one was a replica. The gold clip cost me about £10 including shipping. I think this is good value for money because of how well made it is.

The good thing about Bonjour Honey is that you can also ask for custom coloured stars. They have all sorts of options. If you have a particular colour in mind, it would be worth asking the shop owner to see if she can do it. Some of the additional options include black and silver stars. You can also change the pearl colour. The only thing which lets the Chocomint clip down is it only comes in pink and gold. If you get the 6% Doki Doki version, you have the additional choices of hot pink and blue (which is harder to find). So Bonjour Honey is also offering you colours which are not available elsewhere, which is brilliant!

So this was a very positive experience. I would definitely order from this Etsy seller again.


  1. I really like her stars, I want to buy one! I also have the pink chocomint one but maybe I'll try one by her next :)

    1. I am surprised by how good the Bonjour Honey one is! It was definitely worth it, especially seeing as I can't find the gold chocomint star anywhere!


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