Monday, 6 February 2012

The Feb 2012 Ox Meet- our 1st Anniversary!

After going mental with planning, the Feb Oxfordshire Lolita meet finally came around! Although technically our anniversary was in late January, we celebrate it in early Feb.

For this special day, I made everybody heart-shaped sugar cookies! People thought the OX was for 'hugs and kisses' but it was actually meant to be short for Oxford! Here I am modelling my hard work. As you can see, I went for a cookie theme with my outfit too because I was wearing Wonder Cookie. The cookies were very tasty and everybody said they liked them.

We went to the Mitre for a nice sit-down lunch. I held a little vote for best sweet outfit, best classic etc. Some of the votes were very close and I almost ended up getting 2 of my prizes back! I literally lost out by one single vote for best sweet and best host. The 3 best outfit categories got given a rose corsage (made from an English GLB pattern) and other small prizes, such as hair accessories and letter sets. I was really worried about the roses. I have to admit that I am not a good crafter and the roses were just meant to be a bit of fun. Nobody complained though! At least I don't think they did...

Best Sweet- Sammi
Best Classic or Country- Jenni
Best Gothic or Alternative- Amber
Best Host- Jenni
Best handmade and creative- Nicola

We also held a raffle. Don't be fooled by the picture- there were a LOT of prizes that were kindly donated. I also put some stuff in too! I ended up with 3 new rings, which are very cute.

Here was my outfit for the day. The stupid waiter spilled coke down my dress. After Beau helped me wash it out in the bathroom sink, we got it out. Don't worry- the expensive Angelic Pretty dress is totally fine now! I got a free meal as compensation and the waiter was absolutely petrified of me for the rest of the day. He was very lovely about it, but there is something amusing about this waiter being scared of a little sweet lolita like me!

Outfit rundown-

Dress, head bow, socks- Angelic Pretty (Wonder Cookie print)
Bolero, shoes- Bodyline
Blouse (not shown)- K Star
Parasol- Baby the stars shine bright
Accessories- Chocomint and off-brand

A bonus picture of me pretending to be a Teenage Mutant Hero Loli!

We were meant to have 5-10cm of snow that day (the UK appears to totally shut down, even with a pathetic amount of snow). It did start snowing in the afternoon but thankfully, it didn't really settle and was not really an issue. The meet was quite large with most of the Oxford regulars being there, and also some new faces too (who were lovely!). Despite my minor bad luck, I have not been put off hosting... but I probably need to give myself a break before I attempt to host again!


  1. You gals sound like you had an awesome time! I'm glad :) And yes, you don't want to do it too often just often enough to where you feel accomplished and you did your part :)

    Very cute coord! Though admittingly, I would have thought the "OX" would be for hugs and kisses too xD

    lol Poor waiter, he must be used to getting smacked by a parasol xDDD

    Will we get to see the rings you won? :3

    ~ Kieli ~

    1. Sorry! I only just saw your comment! During the meal my parasol was hidden away in my husband's bag, which is probably a good thing! XD

      I probably wont post pictures of the rings on here now, but I did upload them to my Poupee Girl so you could view them there. I got a chocolate ice cream, a butterfly and a love heart sweet ring. I also purchased another love heart ring but sadly, I broke it.


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