Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Hyper Japan Spring 2012- Part 2

And today, I will be taking a look at some of my favourite outfits from the Saturday of Hyper Japan! Please understand that this is just a small selection of the outfits I enjoyed and I would have loved to have included you all! A special shout-out goes to Tania Tanzil (featured in my last post), my fellow Oxfordshire Lolitas (and there were loads of us there!), the girl wearing the Harry Potter lolita dress, the wonderful fashion show models and the people who I was unable to get good photographs of. Looking at some of the photos already out there, it looks like I missed some really good outfits and some wonderful friends of mine. Where were you all hiding? It would have been good to catch up, but maybe next time!

I guess it would be a good idea to start with my own outfit...

Outfit rundown-
Head bow, JSK (both Starry Night Theatre), ring (Melty Moon)- Angelic Pretty
Blouse, bolero, shoes- Bodyline
Tights, other jewellery- offbrand and Paris Kids
Card suit brooches- handmade

The idea was to attempt to expand the themes on the Starry Night Theater dress. I wanted to make it an outfit that was personal to me, rather than just wearing your bog-standard outfit or sticking to typical lolita "rules". I am awful at crafting things, but I did attempt to make some things too.

And here is the infamous deco-legs which appear to have gotten some people talking! This picture was taken during my outfit trial-run, which was vital to ensure the tights would actually be wearable. I had my SNT socks on hand at all times, just in case. I wore these whilst being fully aware that they would divide opinions. Generally, I think the responses have been about 85% positive. I am delighted with the positive responses and I was also grateful that I have been given some very helpful con-crit, which was actually incredibly useful! So a massive thank you to the friend who passed that information on for me.

I think my favourite outfit part was my more subtle aces tucked away up my left sleeve. My least favourite part was my hair, which is near impossible to style! I thought my hair looked a bit flat and that actually, the SNT head bow was not helping. I was happy to wear my favourite lolita ring, Melty Moon and I intended to wear a sparkly red bow ring I got the day before. Sadly, in my mad rush, the back of the ring broke off and I didn't have any superglue with me!

I am also a little unsure if I liked the gold star clip dangling from the top of my arm. I could have attached it to my head bow, but everybody seems to do that! This was an attempt to do something different. Truth be told, I don't think many people noticed it anyway!

Anyway, that is enough about me! Here are just a few of my favourite outfits. Please note, I figured that because HJ pictures are all over the net anyway, it would be ok to post these. But if anybody would like their pictures taken down, then please contact me and I will happily do that for you.

Abbey looked so cute in Lyrical Bunny! I thought the ears added a very fun touch to the outfit. Pink and lavender is also one of my favourite colour combinations! It is also clever how she added a few small touches of red, to match the little bits of red in the print.

I love those hair roses!

Me with turquoisekitten. That Juliette et Justine dress is so stunning in person! I also love the use of gold and the beautiful accessories, including those lovely tights and clock bag.

Sachiko!!!! She was one of the fashion show models, representing decora fashion. Her outfit was so bright and cheerful. And anything with ducks on it will always get my instant seal of approval!

This is Mo (in the middle) and her friend, whose name I keep forgetting! I think you are Julie? Please correct me if I got that wrong! I absolutely love the clock printed on that skirt. And I always love Mo's classic lolita style. Both girls looked so well put-together. And Mo gave me some awesome freebies too!

Kyra was selling her fantastic jewellery. If I wasn't trying to be careful with money, I could have quite easily brought her entire jewellery stand and I will definitely be thinking about buying some rings in the future. My favourite was the Puppet Circus inspired necklace and the jam jar ring. This was my very first time seeing Puppet Circus in person, and it didn't disappoint! Kyra looked wonderful in her gold accessories. Also, I really want those tights!

One of my favourite gothic lolitas from the Saturday. I was really disappointed that there were less gothic lolitas about on the Saturday, although I have seen some amazing gothic lolita pictures from the Sunday. I love the blouse and hair accessories in this outfit.

Tsukia in her amazing wig. It was impressively huge! I thought she looked absolutely adorable!

I am a fan of Wing's otome style. The dress is gorgeous and I like the colours used, especially paired together like this.

I could have quite easily included a lot more outfits in this post. Rest assured, that I got a lot of admiration for the people I met and saw that day. You are all a massive inspiration!


  1. Replies
    1. I agree! I just wish I had managed to photograph everybody because I definitely missed some good ones :(

  2. So adorable, Tsukia is just too cute! Your deco leggings are AMAZING! :-)

    1. Thank you! I am glad that the legs have had a positive response.

      Tsukia was so adorable!

  3. Julie, it was Julie! :D It was lovely to see you again, I hope we can meet some other time, because HJ was way too hyper! :D

    1. YES!!!! I got her name correct! :D

      It was lovely seeing you again too. Thank you for the cute freebies. I love them! Hopefully I will see you again soon. It was a shame HJ was a bit too hyper to properly talk to people!

  4. Late comment! xD But I think your coord came out amazing! I love the whole card theme ♥ And I agree, everyone adds that star clip to their bows, why not the sweater like you did. Great job :3 And very nice photos! I wish I could go to this event T^T

    ~ Kieli ~

    1. Thank you! :D I am unsure the star clip on the arm worked that well because it is easy to bash it about but I definitely think it is good to at least attempt different things. Hopefully you will be able to attend an event like this in the future!


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