Saturday, 19 November 2011

A sweet valentine thank you

A huge thank you to whoever posted the Oxfordshire Lolitas on Lolita Valentines today. The picture does not have any text, but it still means a lot to see us on there. That picture was taken at the first Oxfordshire Lolita meet (we don't count the smaller meeting we had the September before then) back in January this year. We will be holding our first anniversary meet in February and guess who is hosting it... me! (no pressure!)

It is quite strange looking at that picture. Although a few of us look the same, some of us have changed radically in style since January! I would like to think that is because as time has gone on, some of us have become more confident with our style or have found a lolita style to fit our personalities.

I am so sad I am missing the Christmas meet this year! I hope my fellow Ox lolis have fun!

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