Friday, 4 November 2011

Misty Night Royal Game by AatP

Today I will be taking a look at the new series from Alice and the Pirates. This series is called Misty Night Royal Game. It looks like we have another chess print to add to the trend! this series has 3 dresses, a skirt, a vest, pants, socks, a headbow and jewellery.

This is the first JSK. The bodice looks very well fitted and it has a very interesting neckline and shape. The bodice is in the style of a vest.

I thought the bodice deserved a closer picture. I absolutely love the detail! The style suits the overall theme of the series and it also looks quite grown-up. The 6 buttons are very plain in design but if they had been more detailed, it may have looked too much with the very detailed dress. The buttons are also a good colour match with the chess pieces in the print. The lace looks neat and thankfully, it is not too wide. I don't think wider lace would have looked good on this dress. The bottom of the bodice has a frill where it meets the waist and cleverly makes it look like a 2-piece set rather than a dress. The straps are a good width.

The back of the bodice is a tiny bit disappointing. There is a generous panel of shirring but it has been left very exposed. I also think I would have preferred halter neck straps that tie around the neck instead of the cross-straps used on this dress. The skirt is a good A-line shape and flares out quite well, which is suitable for classic lolita. The skirt part has wisely been kept simple. There is a line of very regal looking lace, suitable for a chess/royal theme. The bottom hem is then finished off with some wider lace, which looks very pretty.

This is the other JSK. the bodice part is very shapely and will emphasise the waist. I am very undecided by the design on this bodice. The 3 bows running down the front are a pretty shape, but they appear very cute compared to the very classic print. The way the lace is layered over the dress gives the dress a more 3-dimensional look, but I don't think the design works as well as the vest bodice on the other JSK. The neckline has a pretty ruffle. The straps are a bit thin and very plain. The back has a panel of shirring and this time, it has been hidden by a ribbon corset. It looks a bit tidier than the other JSK. The skirt part has a pretty bell shape to it. It looks like it wont flare out as much as the the JSK, but you should still be able to achieve a pretty classic shape. Like the other JSK, this dress has a line of lace breaking the skirt in to two. However, I don't think the higher placing of this lace works that well and maybe it would have been better to leave the skirt plain. The bottom hem is finished off with a line of pretty lace and it appears to be the same lace used on the other JSK.

This is the OP. The bodice looks very nicely shaped but for some reason, I think the overall shape is a bit stiff and rigid. It looks like it could be a bit uncomfortable to wear! It doesn't help that this dress also has no shirring and where the zip is in the back, the print is broken. However the white yoke part is shaped nicely, as is the white part on the skirt, which if done wrong could have ended looking a bit like an apron. The waist bow also helps to break up the white parts, although it is fairly large. The long sleeves are ended nicely with more solid white and a row of pearly buttons. The skirt part has a pretty A-line shape to it which again, would suit classic lolita. Where the print meets the solid colour part, there is lace which softens the edges. The lace does not look too OTT because it blends in well, as does the lace used on the bottom hem. I know some will disagree with me, but I prefer the solid print rather than having it broken up by solid colour parts.

This is the print close-up. The colours available are royal green (shown), burgandy, chocolat and Noir. I am having a hard time deciding which colour I like best because I think the colours all look very similar. At a push, I would say my favourite was a choice between royal green and chocolat. I LOVE this print! I love how detailed all the chess pieces are and they are displayed quite well. The flowers help to soften the print a little too. It works so well and this is the sort of standard I expect from an Alice and the Pirates print!

I am also a huge fan of the socks. I am going through a bit of a diamond phase at the moment and I can't get enough of them! I like the use of the chess pieces on the socks too. However, I am unsure if I would want to wear these socks with one of the dresses because I think that may be pushing the diamond motif a bit too far. Whether worn with the dresses from this series or not, these socks will make an impact.

I also quite liked this ring. If I am being honest, I do prefer the chess piece jewellery that Angelic Pretty released with Chess Chocolate a lot more than the jewellery available with this series. But I still think this jewellery is beautiful and at least if you buy from the same series, you know the colours will match.

So overall, I am very impressed by this series and I would buy from it! I think the vest style JSK is my favourite but I am still undecided on the colour. I think some people will think this print is too busy and bold, but I think it is bold in a good way. The design is not exactly that original, but I think it is a strong contender. I really want this series to succeed and I hope other lolitas like it as much as I do.


  1. Really nice review! I love the look of the first dress and the last dress is very nice but definitely looks like something from long ago. Thanks for sharing~

    ~ Kieli ~

  2. Thanks for the review as always Luna :D I thought this print was kinda boring, but the black JSK was kinda nice:)

  3. You are welcome! I really like this but I hate it when stuff like this comes out just before Christmas when I can't buy stuff!


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