Friday, 18 November 2011

Chiffon Dream

Have you ever sold an item, only to regret it later on? I am suffering the after effects of selling an item right now. Last year when I got my Winter lucky pack from Meta, I got a very nice chiffon blouse but I was absolutely CONVINCED that I would never use it. But back then, I had no idea I would suddenly fall in love with chiffon, or more specifically, chiffon blouses. I love the floaty appearance so much and came up with several outfits that could use a chiffon blouse. And now, I am seriously regretting selling that Meta blouse! I was even told by other lolitas to keep it. Instead of dwelling on the past, I need to focus on getting myself a new blouse. Luckily for me, chiffon blouses have been very popular recently, so there is a lot of choice out there.

I have been very choosy about which chiffon blouse I want to go for. I can't stand fussy collars or cheap looking jewels stuck all over it. In fact, I have seen some very horrible looking blouses over the past few months and only a few which I feel have potential. I saw a nice looking blouse in Primark but I forgot to buy it and it is probably gone by now.

Then, I went to London and completely by chance, I stumbled inside a shop called JSK London. I saw some very cute clothing but sadly, at the time I had no money to buy anything! Now I am going to make it my goal to get the chiffon blouse of my dreams! I WILL complete that outfit I planned! Luckily, the shop has a website, so I can buy the blouse any time. Or I could always return to Primark.

So hopefully, I will soon be part of the chiffon blouse army. I am fed up with being envious of my friends wearing nicer blouses than me! And when you sell anything, do think about it carefully. Your feelings may change and then later on, you may regret it.

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