Thursday, 15 June 2017

Recent Outfits- Spring and Early Summer 2017 Edition

I am back with some more of my recent outfits today. I was wearing a couple of pieces one more time before selling them and other outfits were just about dressing up and having a bit of fun. Recently I have been increasingly feeling the need to de-clutter and down-size, which is why I have suddenly been selling more stuff. Also, I need to make room for the new stuff I am buying! I have a new lolita skirt coming soon, which I am very excited about. So it is very much a case of out with the old and in with the new. Do you have anything coming in the mail? I always get a sense of anxiety where I pray my stuff will arrive safely and hopefully not get hit by customs charges. But when it arrives, the rush of excitement makes up for that! So, on to my recent outfits...

First is this Candy Star Rabbit outfit. I have to admit, I don't regret selling this skirt at all. I fell out of love with the print. The skirt is a very difficult shade of blue as well, which means I always ended up pairing it with my AP Shooting Star necklace and some felt star clips I made. But I decided to give the skirt one last outing before selling it. For some reason my buns went a little floppy. I think that makes them look a little bit like puppy ears! It was not intentional! I didn't go too OTT this time because with the odd exception, I have been favouring less 'showy' outfits as of late. I have worn this skirt with both red and pink. This time I went back to pairing it with red. When I was looking up inspiration, I found myself quite drawn to this outfit that used red in it. It is strange, but I sort of feel this skirt looks better with red than pink, even though there is very minimal red on the skirt. Maybe it is because red is quite a bold colour and it fits with the bright blue? 

An accessory close up. I tried to put a little bit of effort in to which rings I wore and wrist wear as well. The good thing is, there are so many different colours in the skirt that choosing jewellery to match is pretty easy. Those little bursts of colour are bound to match the skirt somewhere!

Next I decided to finally wear Milky Swan. I got it last year and have been waiting for an appropriate time to wear it. This was another casual affair (if you can call the Milky Swan JSK casual...) because if you haven't gathered from the photo, it was very sunny! I had to keep ducking and diving in to shot whenever the sun went in enough and after all that effort, this was the best shot, which is still a bit washed out! I wore this for a little outing. As it was going to be hot, I went for light layers. I thought the Glass Doll cutsew worked quite well with the pink colour of my tea parties. Despite being a difficult shade of lavender and a bit short in length, I really love this dress. I was really glad that the Primark socks I brought on a whim turned out to be the right shade to match! Although you can't see them, I am wearing white polka dot tights as well. I thought it would be a good idea to acknowledge the small bits of white on the dress. I am looking forward to doing something a bit more extravagant with this dress in the future.

This next one is a bit of a sad tale. I really love Meta's Magical Moonlight but unfortunately I decided now was the time to part with it. It didn't fit me correctly before, but then I went and lost some weight and it fitted me even worse. There was just no point me keeping it. I don't like the other dress cuts as much as this one. I had a lot of plans for this dress which I never got to fulfill. It is the interesting bottom hemline which first drew me to this dress and I intended to use my red under-skirt with it. But the blouse that went colour-wise was not ideal, as it was chiffon and because of where this dress sits, chiffon blouses are a big no-no. I did try it out with a camisole underneath to protect my modesty but it just didn't look right. But there was no way I was buying a new non see-through red blouse just for one outfit. Feeling a little defeated, I paired the dress with my Ciciworks witch hat (which has the most ridiculous hat to veil ratio ever) and the moon themed bag I got from Swimmer recently (I really need to re-arrange my wardrobe because the bag got a bit squished in storage). On the subject of Swimmer, I just heard the news that they are closing. I am really devastated about this. They had some really cute accessories and there was a time when their biscuit bags were everywhere. It is a shame, because they are closing down because of rising production costs and not being able to maintain their low prices. To be honest, I found their prices cheap to begin with and would have been happy to pay a little more for their stuff.

Finally, another hot weather outfit! For the first time ever, I wore an outfit without a blouse. I was wearing a chiffon bolero though. Not that I personally find exposed shoulders especially scandalous! This is a really comfortable dress to wear in hot weather. The jellyfish print reminds me of Summer too. I had a more elaborate hair style and hair accessory planned for this outfit, but my hair was refusing to behave in the humid weather. Sigh. In the end I threw on my navy bowler hat and called it quits. Considering that this hat is my most worn hair accessory, it has actually been a really long time since I had last worn it. It is good to have 'old reliable' favourites, but it has also been fun to try out different things. I do want to get more adventurous with my hair, because whenever I curl it the curls fall out really quickly, especially in humid weather. As this was quite a busy day for me, my curls fell out super quick. But it is good to know my trusty hat is always available during these hair emergencies!

So I believe that is me all caught up with my outfit round-up for the moment. I am not intending to sell any more dresses or skirts for the moment, so after this post I will probably be wearing things more for fun and not because I wanted to give pieces one last outing. I am genuinely devastated about saying goodbye to Magical Moonlight (or Satan Summoning as I and a few others nicknamed it) but sometimes you just have to accept that a dress just doesn't work for your body shape. Despite a few hints of sadness, I have been feeling a lot more positive lately and I did enjoy dressing up in these outfits. I have been having quite a lot of non-lolita adventures recently, but I still love the fashion as much as ever and I hope to have more outfits to share with you all soon. It might not be for a while though, as it has gotten really hot here recently and it has been making me feel less enthusiastic about dressing up. I think I need to put on some of my lighter pieces and get myself back out there! I don't envy all of the people who live in countries which get hotter than here. How do you handle it? Feel free to share some of your thoughts and ideas. Fingers crossed I will get over this 'slump' soon.


  1. I always enjoy seeing your outfit posts! I really like the look with Magical Moonlight - it is a pity you have to part with it but at least you got to be a cute witch in it one time!

    1. Thank you! :D Hopefully it wont be too long until the next one. Yeah, I was really upset about letting Magical Moonlight go but I had to accept that it didn't fit. I am glad I wore it one last time though. It felt like I was giving it a proper goodbye!


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