Thursday, 1 June 2017

May 2017 Haul- Primarni Edition

So after my brief adventure at the Oxfordshire Drama Wardrobe, James and I headed to Reading for a massive shopping spree. After reading a bit of positive buzz online, I had one goal in mind- possibly expanding my Larme wardrobe. I was recommended Primark and H&M. As it turns out, I ended up buying pretty much everything at Primark. But that is not to say that my haul was a total success. There was a cute looking pink dress with off-the-shoulder straps which looked like it had a lot of potential, but when I went to touch it I noticed the material was super thin. After stalking their Instagram, I was unable to locate some of the items I had been anticipating. It seems more people are cottoning on to their best sellers. I am just glad I didn't get caught up in that Disney Chip purse fandango! But I still managed to pick up a lot of cute stuff, which I will share with you all today. This is mostly Larme inspired, although I may use the pom poms with lolita. I swear I will have more lolita-related content soon. This is a bit of a weird time for me, as I still love lolita, but my wardrobe doesn't have the room to expand and I now have Larme kei fighting for space. I am in the process of selling some of my least-loved pieces to make some room. Hopefully I will be able to make space, as I have a Taobao order coming next month!

Here are the pom poms I mentioned. I thought the strawberry pom pom was really cute, but it is massive! It could have possibly done with a few more seeds, but I think the design is fun and quirky looking. The 3 other pom poms are on the one keychain, although I am going to get a pair of pliers and take off the leopard print pom pom. Leopard print is just not my style. The fake fur is suitably soft and fluffy. I like how the pom poms on the right have muted colours. I did look out for some pastel coloured ones, but I couldn't see any.

Both pom poms comes with this double keychain. They have different style clips, so you can attach the pom poms in different ways. This is also going to prove useful if I do decide to get rid of the leopard print pom pom. I could simply attach the 2 remaining pom poms to the 2 different clips.

I saw these sheer socks hiding away in a dark niche in the tights. They are a good length and the polka dot design is so cute.

The material is silky smooth, like tights. I found they fitted me well. They recommend a size 4-7 UK size and I am well within that range. The polka dots are well defined and stand out, so you can see the design clearly. Also, they were £2 for 2 pairs, which is a bargain! You would pay similar low prices from Taobao, but with Primark you don't get the added shipping and shopping service fees.

I happened to see this lavender top with shoulder ruffles on a sale rack. It is quite thin, but not too see-through when worn. It is ideal for warmer weather. Also, as I intend to layer it underneath other items, it means there wont be and obvious unflattering bulge where you can clearly see the outline of the top through my other clothes. 

The ruffles are quite subtle, but as I have wide shoulders, I actually prefer this. They do still stand out when worn, but look quite casual. My only complaint is the ruffles do not taper towards the armpits- a personal pet hate of mine!

Apologies for the mirror shot, but James was busy and I didn't want to disturb him. The top is a little baggy on me. Some of Primark's sizing is so far off the mark. You have to be so careful and try everything on. Sadly they did not have this top in the next size down, so I had to make do. The arms are a decent length. I think some ruffles around the cuffs could have been a nice finishing touch, but the top was cheap, so I am not complaining too much. 

I also got this off-the-shoulder gingham number. I am loving all the gingham about at the moment! I used to hate gingham (it reminded me of my old school uniform) but I have grown to like it more as I have gotten older. I think the wider check pattern makes it a bit more wearable. This top can actually be worn on the shoulders or off (you are meant to wear it off the shoulders, but I found both worked comfortably). 

There is a generous amount of stretch in the elastic. The elastic is a little tight though, so I found it did cling to me a little bit. This makes me wonder if the top is likely to ride up with long-term wear. Fingers crossed it wont do that, but I guess I will have to report back when I have worn the top more. I really love the design, but I am concerned it makes me appear bigger than I actually am? I think I will definitely wear this top with more fitted bottoms.

I wasn't sure whether anybody would be interested in my non-Japanese fashion inspired purchases, so here is a quick group shot. The Pokemon top was actually in the men's section. I was fuming to find out there were no Pokemon tops in the women's range! So I went for the smallest possible size and thankfully it is not a massive tent on me. I normally like my tops more fitted, but this Pokemon one gets my thumbs up. The material is nice and thick too. I used to love Snoopy as a kid, so I simply had to get the Snoopy top. There was a Pusheen top I was tempted by, but my basket as so full I opted for Snoopy instead. Maybe next time, Pusheen! I also got a butterfly print cardigan, which is a lovely pinky purple shade. This photo really does not do it justice. It was the colour that really grabbed my attention. There are also some mermaid hair crayons. I am a bit unsure about them and they were a bit of an impulse buy, but I am curious to see how they turn out. They are probably going to be hopeless, but the colours look promising and apparently the colour lasts for 1-2 washes. I like that low level of commitment. Finally, I got a top with a geometric hummingbird pattern on it. As a crazy budgie lady, I love all things bird related, so this simply had to go in my basket.

And that is my most recent purchases! I did buy a few bits of make up bits for Larme kei, but I wasn't sure if anybody would be interested in those. This blog is still primarily about lolita fashion and the lolita lifestyle, but other fashions and more personal stuff keeps creeping in! If this is something you readers are not happy about then please let me know. Although this is my personal blog, I like to keep my content relevant to my audience. I also managed to find a cheap £1 black pom pom keychain in The Works earlier today, which I forgot to photograph. It is just like the Primark ones. I think I saw they had a pastel blue one as well, and for such a low price, I may just have to go back and pick that up. This haul came to about 40ish pounds (I can't seem to be able to locate my receipt...) which I think is reasonable considering how much I got? I have some lolita-related purchases potentially coming up soon, so stay tuned for those.

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