Thursday, 20 April 2017

Recent Outfits- Late Winter/Early Spring Comeback Edition

I have been thinking more recently about how I share my outfits online. Even though I am still on Tumblr, I have been wary about sharing my outfits on there recently. There is this fear of them getting reblogged on NSFW blogs, which incidentally happened to me less than a week after I first joined. I have no issue with kinks, but it is really disheartening to see my pictures taken out of context in that way. I still post my outfits on Facebook, but then only people who are friends with me can see them. A lot of the Closet of Frills outfits end up getting posted on cgl. As for Lookbook, I fell out of love with that site a while ago. So I thought I would share some of my recent outfits on here, seeing as this may be the most relevant audience for them.

First up is my 'Comeback Outfit' after taking a few months out of the fashion to recover and do a bit of soul searching. I must admit that even getting together this super basic outfit was quite a challenge. After so long out of the fashion, I had forgotten how much effort goes in to wearing lolita! So I didn't bother to curl my hair and I wore a bit less make up than usual. I suppose more than anything I wanted to be able to focus on the bits of lolita I enjoy so that I was more enthusiastic about dressing up again. I didn't want to immediately plunge in to the deep end. So I ended up wearing a casual outfit with Angelic Pretty's Rose Toilette. The weather was still a little chilly at this point, so I could get away with wearing my Wintery boots and a beret. I have always thought this dress was quite a Spring/Summer kind of dress, so it felt a bit odd wearing this dress in this way. I think for a casual outfit though, it turned out okay. 

Next up is a bit more of a sad story. I am selling Wonder Cookie! Apologies for the washed out photo. It started to rain as we took these pictures, so I quickly had to dash inside and use the photos I had! The truth is, I have been wanting to sell this dress for a while but I always felt as though I had unfinished business with it. I have always wanted to team this dress with purple, but I never had the courage to do it. So I made it my mission to give it a try before I sold the dress. On reflection I wish I had worn purple shoes as well, but I think this lavender bolero is a good match for the lavender cookies on the dress and the socks. It was also a good excuse to finally use the biscuit bag I have owned for a few years but have never used! Maybe I should eventually sell the bag as well, but it is so cute that I want to hold on to it for the moment. 

The other thing I wanted to do before selling Wonder Cookie is use the detachable lace from the head bow to make this strawberry maid themed outfit. After I brought this strawberry hairband from Ciciworks, I came up with the idea of using the head bow lace and wearing my hair in buns. I felt this had quite a 'maid' look to it, so I teamed it with an apron and Bodyline wrist cuffs. Out of all my recent outfits this is the one I put the most effort in to. I already had the idea and had been mulling it over for a few months beforehand. I am happy with how it eventually turned out. It is always fun to see your ideas turn in to reality. Here is hoping that this will see me returning to being a bit more adventurous with my outfits. I am definitely back in the lolita frame of mind and picking up my old routine again now. 

I wanted to get a picture of the accessories but annoyingly, a bobby pin was in shot! My hair started to collapse as this picture was being taken, so I decided to give up and wear my hair down for the rest of the day. I am glad I managed to get pictures of the hair buns beforehand though.

So aside from the outfits I have shared in other recent blog posts, these are all the outfits I have worn so far this year. I think I can see an obvious progression as the post goes on. Whenever I am going through a stressful time, my outfits suffer as a result. I guess I am an emotional dresser. But I am feeling really positive going forward, despite having a couple of setbacks in my private life recently. I hope I will continue in a similar vein as my confidence continues to grow. So hopefully I will have more outfits to share with you all soon!


  1. Buns really suit you. I can't help but think that paired with the flowy ribbons they have a bit of a Qi look to them (kind of reminiscent of kanzashi stuck in buns), which is super cute, I think you should give a similar hairstyle a go sometime again, especially as it could work so well with other fashion styles as well.

    1. Thank you! I think I need to work on them a bit though because they keep collapsing! It is something I think I am going to keep trying and working on. I see what you mean about the Qi look too. That was a bit of a 'happy accident' but I think I like it!

  2. The wonder cookie coord is my favorite, I love the way it looks with lavender <3

    1. Thank you! I am glad I got the chance to wear it with lavender before I sold it.


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