Monday, 10 April 2017

Daydream Bed by Angelic Pretty

Today I am looking at Daydream Bed by Angelic Pretty. This series includes 2 dresses, a sleeping mask headdress and tights.

First up is the OP. The bodice looks well fitted and the overall bodice shape is pretty cute. I like how the arms have a slight puffiness to them, which looks adorable. They also look a decent length as well. The cuffs are kept modest, with just a line of lace, which I think is just the right amount of detail needed here. The bodice features a solid coloured triangle, which is neatly pleated. These pleats give the area a bit of extra depth and texture. There is also a line of star shaped buttons running up the middle of this triangle, which are well spaced out and are a suitable choice to go with the print. The bodice triangle is lined very neatly with some cute star themed lace. There are also some additional thin lines of lace going up the sides of the bodice which helps to break up the empty space really well. There is a collar, which has a lovely shape. It almost looks like a sailor collar, but not quite. I do think the collar is a little bit too big though. The lace lining the collar emphasises its large size, although it has been done neatly and it does match up with the bodice details. There is a ribbon bow, which is detachable. I think this bow is a good shape and size, but I don't like how shiny the ribbon chosen is. I would still leave the bow attached though, as I think it is a nice finishing touch. The back offers no shirring so size flexibility is severely limited. The stock photos show that the skirt is very full and flares outwards a lot. There is a lot of potential to create a lovely full shape. The skirt is kept simple in design, so the print is displayed beautifully. The bottom hem is then finished off neatly with a line of crown themed lace. This lace is really pretty and of a good quality, but I think using the star lace here would have been more appropriate.

Here we have the JSK. The bodice looks like it may be a little baggy, but that may just be the type of material AP have used for this dress. I think the overall bodice shape is a bit plain, but the bodice details compensate for this quite a lot. The neckline shape is pretty though. The straps are very thin, but they suit the style of the bodice. Bulky straps would have looked strange here. These straps are neatly lined with lace on the outsides. I really love how this lace has been shaped. It really compliments the neckline lace too. There is a ribbon belt, which helps to define the waist line well. However, once again I feel the ribbon used is a bit too shiny. The bow finishing the belt is a good size and a really cute shape. It is simple, but it works well. There is also an additional ribbon bow on the neckline. This also has a lovely shape to it, but I really wish it was either a bit smaller or made detachable. I personally think that both bows together look a bit unbalanced. The neckline bow could definitely do with being smaller. The bodice is kept very plain, but it is quite a short bodice anyway. I think the neckline lace helps to keep things looking interesting. I really love the choice of lace for the straps and the neckline. It looks beautiful. It may not be star themed or anything, but I still think it goes well with the print and looks elegant. The back is fully shirred, which means plenty of size flexibility, but also that the unattractive shirring has nothing covering it. However, with such a short back it really wouldn't be worth putting a ribbon corset over the shirring anyway. The stock photos show that the skirt is plump with volume and it flares outwards generously. It will hold plenty of petticoat. The skirt is again kept simple, so the print is displayed wonderfully. The bottom hem is then finished off neatly with a line of star themed lace. 

Finally, this is what the print looks like. This series when it went up on the site came in ivory, pink and black. You may have seen additional colours at special AP events but they may not be made widely available. The 3 official release colours are very pretty and fit in well with the print. Some of the details are a little lost and washed out on the ivory version though. I would have loved a navy blue version, but I am obsessed with navy blue! As for the print itself, I think the individual elements in the print are really sweet, but the print feels a bit flat to me. Perhaps a subtle background pattern could have stopped the non-border items from looking as though they are randomly floating in thin air. The beds are well drawn though. It looks as though a lot of effort has been put in to add little details, such as the way the fabric drapes and folds. The cushions and toys look adorable too! This is a lovely way to add AP's famous mascots in to the print without over-doing it. I love the star themed bunting as well! I am not too fussed by the gold text at the bottom of the print because I don't like the way that parts of the print overlap the text. I suppose at least it stops the bottom from looking too empty though.

So overall this is a pretty decent series with a cute print and lovely dress cuts. I can't help but feel as though it could have been better though. I think it is the print itself which is making me feel this way. It looks pretty, but as I mentioned above, it feels a bit flat. So I guess this is not a series that I would be likely to buy (it also reminds me a lot of Baby's Twinkle Dreaming Princess, which I prefer to this series if I am being honest). If I did get this series, I think my top choice would be the JSK in pink. However, I really loved the blue/grey colour that was part of a special event, so I am not that impressed with the wide release colour options! 

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