Thursday, 26 November 2015

Sleeping Princess

Whilst I was ill recently and trying to fill up my sudden increasing amount of free time, I didn't just watch lolita videos and read blogs. I also did a lot of window shopping! And as I sat about in my pyjamas all day, I thought about taking a look to see what sort of cute sleepwear there is out there. Lolita sleepwear is not something that you see a lot of. When I think about what a lifestyle lolita would wear, I tend to picture Victorian nightgowns with flowing fabric or maybe a nice vintage peignoir. Even bloomers and a custew can make good make-shift sleepwear if you choose ones with soft fabric and gentle elastic. A few years back, Bodyline offered some very cute sleepwear and although I haven't checked in a while, I hear that DreamV also had some cute options. So I decided to see what Taobao had to offer and this is what I found.

Here are some offerings from Chyllirn. I found lots of soft, floaty layers. There was even one of those nightgowns I mentioned, but in pastel colours. The sleepwear in the centre of the picture is made of super soft fluffy material and would be suitable for Winter.

Unfortunately, I lost the link to this store! According to the names I saved the pictures under, it may be called something like Hua Sang. This store features many soft and thick materials and some cute designs. I know a lot of bear fans who would probably love the bear pyjamas in the bottom left. I am kicking myself for not saving the store link properly! If I find it, I will add it to the post.

These items are from Senlan. Again we see more floaty layers. This store features lots of lace and puffy sleeves. I really love the nightgown in the middle of the picture.

And finally, here are some offerings I found from Weimushi. This store features lots of pastel colours and simple prints, such as polka dots. There are even matching 'couples' pyjamas (not that I will be doing Mr and Mrs matching sets with James!). The designs are simple and easy to wear, but still have cute designs with lots of ruffles.

So that was my little venture in to Taobao sleepwear. I only really scratched the surface, but I was mainly searching for cutesy pastel stuff. Something I discovered whilst browsing Taobao, was that there is a lot of adorable children's sleepwear out there. I really wish some of those came in adult size! But there are lots of adult sized options too for the lolita who wishes to add a bit of cuteness to bed time.


  1. Did you know Midori Fukasawa and Yui Minakata just put out a "room wear" collaboration? Both designs look adorable. I'd love to buy some. You can see them at

    1. I had no idea! I just had a look at their stuff and some of it is so cute! Thank you for sharing.


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