Thursday, 12 November 2015

Mini Catch-up in Reading!

Over the past weekend I was finally able to have a catch-up with Shalisa and Sammi. After being ill for weeks I was finally free to venture in to the outside world again! Unfortunately, this weekend it decided to absolutely chuck it down with rain. But I was not going to let that stop me from seeing my friends.

What do I do when the weather gets too bad? I wear a lot of black! I did have a more interesting outfit planned, but it involved light colours, which don't go well with rain water and cars driving through puddles. With the bad weather, it didn't seem like we would be venturing outside much, so a simpler outfit was really the best option. I wore Magical Moonlight by Metamorphose. It felt strange wearing this dress without a more Halloween related theme. 

We very sadly lost Shalisa's umbrella! Shalisa was telling us it was her favourite umbrella too. This destructive damage was caused by one strong gust of wind. The shop that Shalisa's Sugar Trampoline stuff gets stocked in were having a mini store party, so Shalisa was able to dump the remains of the umbrella in the skip. I also lost an umbrella, but it was a cheap one I wasn't really attached to thankfully. I was more concerned about getting wet!

After a bit of mingling at the store party, we eventually made it to the safety of the Outlook pub. This was the view of the river from our table. It looked better in person. We had lots of ducks and geese swimming by.

As we were feeling a bit down, we all went for massive burgers! This was Sammi's Big Porky burger. I went for a 'dirty burger' which has chili con carne in it. It tasted amazing but we were so full afterwards.

Here's a little group picture of us. Alas, my poor curly hair was already destroyed by the weather (apologies for moaning so much today!). 

We decided to order some cocktails but to be honest, the strawberry woo woo we had was incredibly disappointing. It tasted of syrup and little else. We also got a ridiculous amount of ice with it, so we only got one small glass each out of it. At least now we know for next time- this pub is great for food but terrible for drinks.

And so, to make up for the poor cocktails we headed to the Purple Turtle! This place used to be a bit of a grotty dive bar but it has been refurbished now and it is so much nicer inside. We really wanted to sit on this uber cool sofa but I dithered for too long and then it got sat on by this random guy. We really weren't having the best of luck! At least we got a picture of the sofa. 

The cocktails here are so much nicer! There was a 2-for-1 offer on the cocktails, so the 3 of us split the last remaining cocktail. It was really weird fishbowling with just the one cocktail! I think we will definitely be coming back here in the near future.

But despite the weather, we did manage to have a good long catch-up. The 3 of us and James can talk for hours. The photoshoot meet felt like such a long time ago. I suppose time does seem to go slower when you are ill and you are just so desperate to get better. Fingers crossed we get a bit of Autumn sunshine for next time!


  1. Such a pity the weather was so dismal! I love the dress, I almost bought it myself. You must have been a little disappointed not to wear more colours but weather will win over the most meticulously planned of outfits.

    In Australia, we have a few words for people who try to take money without just cause: a scab, a stinge, a rip-off (I think UK use that one too). I also love the Japanese word for the same phenomenon "bottakuri". Do you have any interesting words for that over in your neck of the woods?

    1. The weather was bad, even by UK standards! I really love this dress too. The straps always fall off my shoulders though!

      I think in the UK we just use the term 'rip-off' really. I don't think I know of many others. Although if you go to different parts of the UK you might get some different local slang.

  2. Your outfit is perfect! You look like a very professional young witch.

    1. Thank you! I was worried it looked too plain and simple but I suppose it works quite well for a more casual meet-up with friends. And at least I can use the outfit I had planned for another time!


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