Thursday, 5 November 2015

How I Would Wear It Now- Bodyline Gingham Strawberry JSK

I thought I would try doing another How I Would Wear It Now post using a piece I used to own. Today's dress is one that I sold earlier this year when I sadly had to downsize my wardrobe a little bit after the rail inside collapsed (on Christmas Day, no less!). I have since done a bit of reinforcement to the rail and added an additional rail and of all the stuff I sold, I miss this dress the most. This gingham strawberry dress was my very first Bodyline piece and I felt that I had "unfinished business" with this dress because I felt there were more outfits I could have made with it. However, I hadn't worn this dress in such a long time that I felt that it had to go. I never really wore an outfit with this dress that I thought was too bad, like I have with previous How I Would Wear It Now pieces but it doesn't stop me thinking of new outfits I could have made with it.

So this is possibly how I would consider wearing this dress if I still had it. It feels a bit weird posting a Summery outfit when we are well in to Autumn but despite being a big Fall fan, I have strangely been missing Summer! I guess being cooped up inside with poor health for the past few weeks and the darker, shorter days have made me crave a little piece of Summer. This outfit definitely reflects Summer, with no blouse and just a bolero to cover up. I couldn't decide on a pair of shoes because I couldn't remember if the pink shoes were the right shade for the dress. I love looking up strawberry accessories because berries have always been a favourite theme of mine, even if I do get a bit sick of the constant barrage of strawberry prints the brands put out each Spring! I would wear my hair in low, fluffy pigtails and use the mini pink bows to tie them to add an extra bit of pink.

Since selling this dress I have obtained 2 new strawberry prints and I still have another strawberry print, so perhaps I will be wearing something similar to this collage in the future! So I am trying not to feel too sad that I no longer have this dress. I just hope the person who brought it loves it as much as I did a few years ago.


  1. It's funny, I also used to own a strawberry skirt and I would have coordinated it nearly 100% the same like you did!!! I sold the skirt because it had some flaws I didn't liked, but I really plan to buy a strawberry dress in the future again and collect all the cute strawberry stuff for it :)

    1. There are definitely a couple of common themes that seem to pop up with strawberry prints! I absolutely love strawberry accessories. I can't get enough of them!


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