Thursday, 22 October 2015

Simple and Well Put Together Vs OTT

There is a merging trend that has been gathering pace lately. It seems old-school lolita may be making a comeback and I couldn't be happier. Whilst I myself have never really attempted old-school lolita before, I am really glad that about the effect it is having. After years of OTT dominating the online community, we are now starting to see a surge in simpler outfits. These simpler outfits are not necessarily old-school in style, but the current old-school peak is certainly having an impact in other areas as well.

A simpler outfit does not have to mean a more boring outfit though. It is about looking well put together as well. In fact, trying to make a simpler outfit can be just as tricky as doing something more OTT. Whilst with OTT you pile the accessories on, with a simpler outfit all of your accessories are more exposed. This means you have to put more thought in to what you wear, because it becomes a much stronger focus point. It is also important to not go too paired-down, as you risk looking too simple. So I have a lot of appreciation for a well put-together simpler outfit.

A more simple lolita style is also a lot better to wear on a more regular basis. Are you really going to go full OTT every day if you are just lazing about the house or doing simple errands? Even at meets, I feel a simpler lolita style works better. Wearing OTT to a picnic meet is a total nightmare! But I have seen my attitude to even outfits at bigger events has changed. When I was putting together my outfit for Regalia and I was picking out my crown, I actually came very close to getting a bigger and bulkier crown. When the crown arrived, I debated adding additional embellishments like fake flowers and pearls. Then I decided that I was being a bit ridiculous- a crown is a big enough statement on its own! And I am so glad that I did go for a simpler look with my hair accessories because in the end I was so happy with how my outfit turned out. I would just like to quickly say that I am in no way criticising the more OTT outfits at Regalia (there were some really cool ideas at that event!) but I felt that the outfit I was wearing was the right level of OTT-ness for me.

I recently wore this outfit, which I feel is not old-school but definitely takes inspiration from the classic lolita that was around a few years ago. Maybe it is because this was the sort of lolita that was around when I first got in to the fashion, but I have been growing more and more attracted to this style of lolita. I just find it a bit... refreshing. I am not turning my back on OTT altogether but I think for the moment I will be taking a more toned down approach. Who knows, maybe a year from now I will be singing the praises of OTT. I am just going to keep doing whatever makes me happy.


  1. I really like the simple style too, it is more wearable and lets the person be seen, not just the coord. OTT can also be very beautiful but sometimes the look is overpowering. I feel the simpler styles also let the dress speak for itself and has a more innocent feel to it. Sometimes a few accessories are all you need.

    1. I agree with everything you said! The dresses themselves are very beautiful so sometimes it is better to just let the dress shine, without cluttering it with lots of accessories.


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