Thursday, 29 October 2015

My Ultimate Lolita Sick Day

I am writing this post on what I hope is the road to recovery. For the past few weeks I have been really unwell. I had 2 colds in a row with no break in between and then I got struck down by a small bout of flu and this is on top of my ongoing health problems. Barely able to stand, not eating very much because it was too painful and unable to sleep... It isn't really surprising that I needed some time out to recover. The real surprise was the positives I was able to take from this experience.

I am one of those people who gets very frustrated if I am not moving about or doing something to keep me occupied. I get bored so easily and so I hate being stuck in bed. But I got to the point where I had no option but to have a bed day. So I decided to turn this negative in to a positive and I ended up having a really fun day.

I did all the fun things that I don't usually leave enough time for and a lot of this did involve my favourite Japanese fashion. I dragged everything soft in to the living room and made myself a nest, I put on a pair of wrist cuffs that I usually never wear but don't have the heart to sell and got out all of my fashion magazines.

I read so many Keras and Gothic Lolita Bibles that day and it was the best thing ever. Because I suddenly had a lot more time on my hands, I read every issue with a lot more concentration than usual. I analysed every picture, I made notes on ideas I would like to try and admired all of the brand release adverts. But the best part was reading some of the issues that were around when I first started wearing the fashion. I felt that rush of excitement that I felt when I first read these magazines. It was really enjoyable to play "If I Had £1000" whilst looking at all the details in the glossy photos. I felt like a new lolita all over again.

My thirst for all things frilly was still not satisfied. So I ended up reading a lot of the old blogs that I haven't read in years. It is a real shame to see so many of the old lolita blogs haven't been updated in years. But when I was re-reading entries that I had seen from years ago, it felt like I was reading them for the first time again. It felt like I was visiting an old friend I hadn't seen in ages. And then there was the Youtube videos. I saw people sharing their hauls and opening lucky packs. I got excited with the lolitas in the videos as they saw what they got. They kept me company when my husband was away at work and suddenly I didn't feel so alone.

All of this renewed my enthusiasm for lolita fashion, and if I hadn't been so sick I maybe wouldn't of dedicated so much time to all the videos and blog entries I read. It gave me a real wake-up call. I have always been passionate about lolita, but sometimes it is easy to lose sight of why I fell so in love with the fashion in the first place. I am really excited about being well enough to dress up again and seeing my friends.

So I guess I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everybody who puts this content out there. Thank you for keeping me sane! I watched so much that day, so there is a large possibility that some of you may be reading this right now. You have all inspired me so much. If anybody reading this finds themselves in a similar situation, know that there are hours of lolita-related entertainment out there to keep you going until you feel well enough to get out there again.


  1. I hope you feel better soon, it's so good that you were able to look at the positive side of things and do this! :)

    1. Thank you! I guess I just decided that if I was going to have all this free time, I may as well do something with it and I am so glad I did. Although watching lucky pack openings has really made me want to get one of those massive IW packs...

  2. As someone else who has has health issues and also had similar conditions over the last week and a half, I understand very much what you're saying.
    Finding ways of staying positive and doing what we can as we are helps us cope much better, Luna.
    Hugs, Jo.

    1. Oh dear, I am sorry to hear you haven't been well lately too. I hope you feel better soon. One of the good things about watching videos and stuff online is it doesn't require much effort, so it is easy to do when you are not feeling great.

  3. What a fantastic day! I'm in a little country town at the moment and it's "a long time between drinks" so reading blogs (and writing my own) is my key to staying enthusiastic and inspired.

    I love the blanket fort you've erected. It's the perfect command centre from where to get frilly recon.

    1. I agree, I felt so refreshed and inspired afterwards! I think I had forgotten how much it helps to see what other lolitas are up to and get inspiration.

      Sadly the one in the photo is not my blanket fort, but it looked similar!


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