Thursday, 24 September 2015

What Is This Meta!?

I really love Metamorphose. I have been so happy to see that lately, Meta seems to have found their groove and their new releases have been really good. Metamorphose may not be at AP bloodbath level, but there has been a real rush to get some of their stuff lately. But then they go and release something like this-

This half bow clip has really gotten me confused. I saw it go up on the site a few weeks ago and I remember thinking it was the most bizarre thing ever! Since then, I haven't really been able to stop thinking about it. Why did Meta think it was a good idea? How exactly are you supposed to wear it?

Despite being listed as a hair accessory, I noticed that the Meta site did not show any photographs of this clip worn on the head. Instead, they seem more keen to push the idea of it being a brooch. I suppose when worn like this, it doesn't look too bad but it still feels as though the clip is "incomplete". You find yourself wondering where the other half of the bow is.

I even went to the trouble of trying to picture how it could look as a hair accessory. I think that as a hair accessory, the Meta clip would have worked a whole lot better if it didn't have the raven charm and line of pearls on it. For this picture I layered 4 of the clips on top of twin tails (please excuse the anime picture!). It sort of gives the illusion that the bow is actually whole and sort of sprouting out both sides of the wearer's head?

The other idea I had was a sort of side up-do (preferably with a lot of volume and maybe sat higher up on the head than in the picture) and then layering 2 of the clips, but placed better than I have done here after 5 minutes of photoshop. Again though, this requires multiple clips.

The issue with both of my hair style ideas (aside from my poor photoshop skills) is that they require multiple clips and at this point, the price begins to add up. Besides, if you were to go for multiple clips and then layer them, wouldn't it have been better to have a clip which has a full bow in the first place? So even after giving it a bit of thought, I still feel that a half bow hair clip is pretty useless and I would be really curious to know if anybody has actually brought the Meta clip. I genuinely want to see what people are planning to do with them.

Metamorphose have always been known for their strange ideas but perhaps this idea is a bit too strange, even for them.


  1. Yeah, I was thinking about the twin-tail/plait idea too.

    1. This was literally all I could think of!


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