Thursday, 3 September 2015

How I Would Wear It Now- Bodyline Candy Print Edition

A month or 2 ago, you may remember I decided to take the Bodyline waffle print skirt that I used to own and made an outfit collage to show how I would wear it now, if I still owned it. I wanted to see how far my coordinating skills had come and I was surprised by how fun I found the experience. So today I have decided to take another piece that I used to own, which I felt I coordinated very poorly, to see what I would come up with. I decided on my old Bodyline candy print skirt, which I used to own in sax blue. I believe this skirt is no longer available on the Bodyline website, but I remember ordering this skirt as part of my very first Bodyline order. I only ever wore it once though, and that was to a party rather than a lolita meet, so I didn't really make a great deal of effort with my outfit that day anyway. I remember selling it not long afterwards because I was still trying to build my wardrobe and I didn't really have anything that went with this skirt.

This is the outfit I came up for the skirt. I should point out here that it has been such a long time since I have owned this skirt that I kind of forgot what the shades of pink were like on this skirt. So a lot of the choices in my collage are based on my fuzzy memory of briefly owning it and desperately trying to zoom in on the skirt image as close as I could! In the end, my choices were based on the dark pink which appears on the lollipops in the print. I think the darker colour of the pink offers a nice contrast to the softer sax blue colour. The pattern on the lollipops is sort of stripy, so I decided to make stripes the main focus of the outfit. I am hoping the stripy bits on the blouse are the right shade of pink. To continue on the stripe theme I added those see-through white stripy tights that I own (and I lost the link to them, so I had to make do with a cropped photo of my legs!). I added the ankle socks because the tights are quite sheer and I didn't want the legs looking too bare. The other problem I had making this outfit is that sax blue shoes are actually quite difficult to find, without resorting to Angelic Pretty tea parties! As a lot of lolitas will know, Bodyline's "sax blue" shoes are in fact more of a duck-egg blue or aqua colour. In the end, I gave in and added the tea parties to the collage. I sort of threw the AP blue and pink lollipop ring in at the last minute because I am sure there is more than one shade of pink on that skirt. In hindsight, I should have probably left it out. I would team the hair bows with a fluffy buns hair style.

I thought I would include a picture of these Angelic Pretty candy combs which I considered putting in the outfit. They would certainly fit on with the candy theme, but because my final outfit was quite stripy, I decided against putting them in the collage. They could work pretty nicely with the skirt though.

Another omission from my collage was this bag, as I felt that it would make the dark pink look a bit unbalanced. I am also not convinced it is the right shade of pink. I hate having to rely on stock photos! Perhaps some nail polish in the same deep pink as the rest of the outfit could look cute.

I have to admit that I struggled a bit with this skirt, so my final outfit isn't too dramatic. I would probably wear this to a smaller gathering than a big event. Making this collage did show me that perhaps it was a good thing I sold the skirt because sax blue can be a bit of a tricky colour. I still enjoyed taking another trip down memory lane and believe me, this collage looks better than the outfit I actually wore years ago!

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