Thursday, 28 May 2015

Casual Outfit- Plotting and Eurovision!

Today's post is a bit of a quick one because it feels like ages since I last posted anything about my outfits. To be honest, with my holiday and lots of stuff going on, I haven't really been wearing J-fashion much at all. I have vowed to myself to change this soon and give my wardrobe a chance to shine.

To break my J-fashion slump, I have been wearing more casual looks which are not remotely lolita. I am gradually building myself back up to more elaborate outfits where I actually bother to do my hair and make-up properly! I am wearing my DreamV cutsew style dress. I am not sure what style this would even come under, so I am calling it Casual J-fashion, as that is essentially what it is. I was having Sammi and Shalisa over and I didn't want to look out of place. I teamed my dress with my Ciciworks constellation beret and casual black. I would have used my moon embroidery cardigan as well, but it was surprisingly muggy. 

Shalisa and Sammi were pretty casual as well so thankfully I didn't feel out of place! I always have a great time with these 2 anyway, regardless of what we are wearing.

Our little gathering was partly to watch (In other words, laugh at) Eurovision and partly a chance to plan our International Lolita Day meet. The 3 of us are co-hosting and we planned out all the party games and everything else. We ended up getting sweets all over the floor!

We wrapped up a pretty large pass-the-parcel parcel. These sort of things are always more fun to prepare when you do it together! Guests will have to wait for the meet to discover what is inside. We have also come up with some interesting games to play. If lolitas had super powers, mine would be my ability to scare lolitas with only a packet of sugar cubes (as witnessed at Alice Day 2013!) so I predict there is going to be a lot of silliness involved.

Once we had finally got all the meet stuff out of the way, we celebrated with our own Pimm's punch and we watched Eurovision with a pizza takeaway. I have to say, I found this year's Eurovision a bit disappointing, what with all those ballads. The Pimm's definitely made it more interesting though! It had felt like ages since I had last seen Shalisa and Sammi, so I was so grateful to see them. I am looking forward to ILD a lot more knowing we have put this meet together as a team.

Here is a random photo of the last time I wore lolita. This was over a month ago, so I definitely need to resolve this situation, especially seeing as I have been buying a fair few new accessories and some new dresses lately. I am hoping today's post will give me the prompt I need. I love this fashion so much, so it is about time I started enjoying it and actually wear it again!

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