Thursday, 6 November 2014

Ox Loli Halloween Meet 2014!

Over the weekend the Oxfordshire Lolitas had a meet to celebrate Halloween! Technically, we were a bit late because we held our meet on the 1st of November. Not that anybody seemed to mind!

I got to wear Magical Moonlight by Metamorphose! After thinking I had missed it, Meta told me one had become available and thankfully, it arrived in time. It was one of those situations where I wanted to wear the dress straight away. Sadly, my latest Taobao order is still in China, so I didn't have the matching hat I wanted and I had to make do with stuff I already owned. There are more gold accents in the outfit as well as the dress, but they didn't photograph that well. I don't feel the outfit turned out too bad though, and at least I will be fully prepared for next year! 

I made little favours for my guests. They had a choice of a skull or cauldron design. Unsurprisingly, almost everybody wanted the cauldron! I forgot to take a picture of the cauldron favours but this is what the skull one looked like. Inside there were little treats including Halloween themed tea lights and sweets.

After voting on the activity we wanted to do, the group opted for tarot card reading. It just so happens that a few of us in the group already enjoyed tarot cards, so we had plenty of people offering to do readings. I enjoyed looking at all the different decks people brought with them. I am hoping to get a new, more decorative set for Christmas (which is sneaking up way too quickly for my liking). 

Unfortunately, we forgot to take proper solo photos and group shots. All I really have is a few pictures of us standing around in a shopping mall and this photo of us trying to get all our dresses in! There were some very cute outfits at this meet. I enjoyed having a couple of fellow witches wearing both sweet and gothic styles. 

Afterwards a few of the group continued on and did Bill Spectre's Ghost Trail. A few of my older readers may remember that we did this trail back in 2011. A lot of new members have joined the Oxford group since then, so I believe I was the only one who had done the trail before. I didn't mind doing the trail again because it is a lot of fun! You really do get to see a different side to Oxford and the town is so pretty during the night. In fact, I actually prefer Oxford during the night time with all the old buildings eerily lit up. Bill Spectre was amazing once again and as theatrical as ever.

Some of the group even had a knife put through our arm! I wouldn't want to mess with Bill! I had my arm chopped as well, but I am a little embarrassed to put the photo on here! If you are friends with me on Facebook though, you should definitely take a look at the photo because the expression on my face is priceless.

So despite a few of us feeling very tired by the end of the day, I definitely feel this meet was worth it. Halloween is always a great time to have a laugh and be a bit silly. I really hope everybody enjoyed themselves. The previous Oxford meet felt like a lifetime ago and it was good to get back in the spirit of dressing up and meeting up with friends.

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