Thursday, 13 November 2014

Metamorphose Magical Moonlight JSK Review

I had a request to do a review of my most recent dress purchase- Magical Moonlight by Metamorphose. I was very fortunate because although I missed the JSK I wanted when it first went up (it sold out SUPER fast) I asked Meta to put me on a waiting list in case one became available. What I was expecting was for Meta to get back to me so quickly! So when you are put on Meta's waiting list, they contact you when your items become available and you get sent a special link to purchase your items. They then expect you to pay within a week, or else the dress becomes available to either the next person on the list if there is somebody else, or goes back on their site. The whole ordering process was really straight forward and once the items are available, it is essentially the same process as if you were buying an item available in their online store. Metamorphose, in my opinion, is the easiest brand to order from. The person who dealt with me spoke very good English as well. 

My package also arrived super quick and I got it in time for the Oxford Halloween meet. My order was shipped in a sturdy box. It looks a bit bashed about in the photo, but that was from me ripping my personal information off the box. The box itself well sealed.

Inside was the usual letter that Meta give out with their orders, a spare shopping bag (I love that brands do this!) and my dress. There was a bit of space in the box for my order to move about, but the dress wasn't exactly fragile and I knew my dress would arrive safely.

And here is the dress! I wanted the Asymmetrical JSK in black and I refused to settle for another colour or dress cut. I already had a rough idea of what to expect, as Michaela modelled this dress at Revelry. The fabric has a reasonable amount of thickness to it but feels very light. It is thick enough that you can't see through the material. Although you can't really see it in the photo, the skirt has very neat, defined pleats. It creates a very interesting shape.

The lace and braid at the bottom. I think the lace design is quite pretty, although the lace is a bit stiff and scratchy. However, I find that a lot of gold coloured lace can be a bit like this and I have definitely experienced worse. The important thing is this scratchy lace isn't anywhere where it will be in contact with my body, so it isn't much of an irritant. I did find a few loose threads on the dress, but otherwise there were no issues.

The print is very crisp and clear. The colours are bold. I would say that the circles in the print are more of a yellow than gold. But there are enough gold details, such as the lace and these parts on the bodice, that the gold parts don't look out of place. The print also features a subtle amount of silver glitter which isn't too distracting, but adds a slight hint of shimmer.

The dress is lined on the inside. The material inside feels so soft and is very comfortable. There is no built-in petticoat, but given the shape of the skirt that wouldn't really work with this dress anyway. The asymmetrical design means you do see a bit of the skirt lining when worn, but it has been done very neatly and it was the skirt shape that first attracted me to this dress.

The chiffon ruffles on the chest area have been shaped well. I was convinced that I would need to detach these, but after wearing the dress I really prefer the dress with them attached. They add a bit of interest and extra texture to the dress.

I found the shirring panel on the back very accommodating. I didn't need to loosen the ribbon that much. I do feel the measurements given on the Meta website are accurate. It could possibly go a bit bigger than they say, but I would stick to the measurements given on the site. The ribbon only has a slight sheen to it and the shirring was barely noticeable when worn.

And here we can see how the detachable chest ruffles attach to the dress. The buttons feel quite secure and held the ruffles in place with no issues at all. 

Finally, here is a worn photo. I was just able to fit my Classical Puppets bell shaped petticoat underneath, which created a good shape. I did have to be a bit careful about my petticoat showing from underneath the shorter part at the front on the skirt though. But throughout the Halloween meet I had people reassuring me that they couldn't see it poking out. The only issue I really found when wearing the dress was the straps. I found they kept falling off my shoulders, probably because of where the dress sits. Because of the design Meta had to make the straps quite long and despite my broad shoulders, I did have to keep pulling the straps back up. But apart from this little issue, the dress is perfect and exactly what I was hoping for.

So overall, I am very pleased with my dress and the service I got from Metamorphose. Aside from the straps issue, I cannot find any faults with the dress. This series is one of the many reasons why Meta is one of my favourite brands. I couldn't be happier and this dress is definitely becoming one of my favourites in my wardrobe.

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