Wednesday, 6 August 2014

My Lolita Dress and Classical Puppets Review- Positive

Thursday's post is being published a day early because I wont be able to post tomorrow!

Today I will be reviewing an order I placed with My Lolita Dress who are a Taobao re-seller shop. Whilst I usually order Taobao items using a shopping service, this time I went with a re-seller because I wanted the item quickly. Whilst ordering through My Lolita Dress did cost me a lot more, they did already have the item I wanted in stock, so the process was a lot quicker and I didn't have to fuss around with shopping service ordering forms and fees. If you are not in a hurry, it is definitely worth learning how to use Taobao and saving yourself a bit of money, but My Lolita Dress is a good alternative if time is an issue.

Ordering process

In my opinion, the web page does look a bit cluttered. However, it was very easy to locate what I was after using the menus at the top. If My Lolita Dress already have an item in stock it should say so somewhere on the product page. This way I knew I was going to get my order quickly. It is worth noting though, that if you are plus-sized you will have to get custom sizing and it is probably better to use a Taobao shopping service instead, as I imagine it will take a similar amount of time. My Lolita Dress are very easy to order from. Their cart system was simple to use.


My Lolita Dress sent me an auto-mated email as soon as I placed my order. I also received a text message on the day my item was being delivered, so I knew when it was coming. I was quite impressed and reassured by their communication.


Because I was in a hurry, I chose the faster shipping service. It was a bit on the expensive side, but it shipped in the time stated on the website. I placed my order on a Tuesday and it arrived the following Monday. So that is 6 days from China to the UK and that includes a weekend. I think that is pretty fast. My Lolita Dress also marked down the value without me asking them, so I shouldn't get hit by customs. If you are not keen on items being marked down though, it might be worth getting in contact with My lolita Dress first. DHL usually send out custom charge letters afterwards. It has been about 1 and a half weeks now and I haven't received a custom charge yet.

I ordered a Classical Puppets petticoat, which arrived in this plastic DHL bag. The plastic was very strong and durable. It was also sealed very well. There was absolutely no spare room in the package. I was very confident that my petticoat was safe inside.

Inside the DHL bag, my petticoat was wrapped in another layer of plastic. However, because Classical Puppets petticoats have a reputation for being super puffy, the petticoat had actually partially broken out of the plastic! It is a good job the DHL packaging was so strong.

And here is the petticoat. I got the Classical Puppets petticoat in the bell shape. It certainly lives up to its reputation of delivering super puff! If anything, it might be a bit too puffy in certain circumstances, but I love the fact that I can wear just this one petticoat instead of layering several less puffy petticoats. The shape was exactly what I was expecting. 

The waist band is fully elasticated. I was expecting the elastic to pinch a lot, but actually it was super comfortable to wear. The elastic didn't dig in to me much at all and I could barely feel it. There is plenty of stretch too.

A quick shot of the lace at the bottom. Obviously I don't intend for my petticoat to be on display at all, but having lace at the bottom is a nice touch anyway.

And the inside has a cotton layer as well, which feels nice against the skin. The petticoat has plenty of layers to it and I can tell it is going to last me a very long time. I am so pleased that I finally own a Classical Puppets petticoat. It has been on my to-do list to get one for ages!

Hopefully by the time I publish this post I will have a worn picture to share (EDIT- See below for worn picture), but if I don't then do Google "classical puppets bell shape petticoat" as I found plenty of photographs people have taken. It was searching those photographs which helped me pick the final petticoat I wanted. For reference, this is the one I ordered-

Edit: Here is a worn photo of the petticoat. I felt this photo best showed off the level of puff it created. In fact, I found that the petticoat was almost too big for this Bodyline skirt. The petticoat was almost peeking out from underneath! I love the shape it created though. I now want to go and buy every other Classical Puppets petticoat in their Taobao store!

So I feel the service I got definitely deserves a positive review. Obviously if I had a bit more time I would have gotten Taobao Spree to order one direct from Classical Puppets, but as I didn't have the time, My Lolita Dress was the perfect alternative. Their service is fast and reliable. Yes, the petticoat did cost me a lot more by ordering this way, but that is the price of convenience I guess. As for Classical Puppets, I am very happy with my petticoat. I would strongly recommend their petticoats to a friend. I can't believe I waited so long to get one!

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