Thursday, 14 August 2014

Come Join the Tea Party Club 7th Anniversary Event in London!

Today I am blogging about an event which is sure to be a lot of fun. In September, on the weekend of the 20th-21st of September, the Tea party Club will be holding a special event to celebrate their 7th Anniversary. However, to continue to create amazing events for the UK lolitas and lolitas from around the world, they need your support!

Kyra and Michaela work so hard every year to make sure that they can bring over amazing guests, including Japanese designers from well-known brands. But this takes a lot of effort and money. I cannot stress how hard the Tea Party Club team work! So to make sure these amazing events can continue, please support the Tea Party Club in any way possible.

There are many different ways to support this year's event. Surely the best way is to buy a ticket and attend! Anybody who has attended in previous years will tell you that you get to meet lots of interesting lolitas from around the world. This is a brilliant chance to mingle and get to make some new friends. I was very lucky and even got the chance to model for Haenuli at last year's event Frock On. This year there is going to be a Lolita Collective and other vendors. I know some of the people who will be selling stuff and I can assure you that there will be plenty there to tempt you to part with your cash.

And... the head designer of Metamorphose will be in attendance! How many lolitas reading this post got their first brand piece from Meta? The brand has played such a big part in the history of lolita fashion. My very first dream dress was the Feathercross Embroidery OP from Metamorphose and I have loved the brand ever since. I bet that a lot of you have at least one Metamorphose piece in your wardrobe. So how about showing Metamorphose some love? With the editor of the Gothic Lolita Bible and Japanese model Ai also in attendance, there are plenty of exciting opportunities out there. Who knows, your picture might even be in the GLB!

But there are plenty of other ways you can support the Tea Party Club. Spread the news about this event, so we can reach an even wider audience. You can donate items to the raffle or art work to be made in to cute postcards. If you run a Japanese fashion related shop, perhaps you could donate some fliers to go in the goody bags or maybe even some discount vouchers?

If you are free and are able to attend, do consider attending this event. As a previous happy attendee I know that the September event will be a lot of fun. There have even been more VIP tickets put up.

Tickets can be purchased here-

Please also look up the Tea Party Club 7th Anniversary on Facebook too, as even if you don't think there is anything you can do, you may still be able to help in some way.

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