Thursday, 3 July 2014

Take a Theme- Nature

It's time for another Take a Theme post. Today's theme is nature. I specifically tried to make sure the post wasn't too mori-centric, but obviously mori girl fashion is a really good place to start. Here are some of my current favourite nature themed items.

Series of note- Theatre de L'erreur (Alice and the Pirates), Love Nadia (Bodyline), Lotta (Innocent World), Dear Friends (R Series)

Potential Sub-themes- Forest animals, insects, trees and branches, toadstools, berries, leaves, certain plants and florals

1. Chocomint Squirrel Necklace 2. Etsy Butterfly Crown 3. Old Gold Boutique Big Buck Necklace 4. Squirrel's Harvest Old Gold Boutique Necklace 5. Succulent Plants Brooch 6. Forest Symphony Tattoo Tights 7. Toadstool Brooch 8. Woodland Princess Floral Crown

Sadly, Old Gold Boutique seems to have disappeared offline, which is a shame because I really love their stuff! I would suggest trying to look online to see if anybody is selling their items second hand, but otherwise I hope it at least gives some sort of inspiration for what sort of items are out there. I really love the woody, more neutral take of the two hair crowns I have seen. Flower crowns are very popular in mainstream fashion at the moment but these ones have a much more natural feel. However, a crown like the one in number two could potentially be found on the high street. I think my personal favourite item is the toadstool brooch. I think it is cute and perfect for mori!

So in the future, I will try to cut down how much Old Gold Boutique I post, seeing as it may no longer be available. I do apologise for that. It is a shame, because I adore the Squirrel's Harvest necklace. Here is hoping it is just a bit of website trouble. But that is not to say lovely nature themed items are not available elsewhere. When you know where to look, you can find lots of pretty items. Here is hoping the next Take a Theme post has more available items!

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