Thursday, 24 July 2014

Birthday Haul and a Valentines Thank you!

It was my birthday on Monday and I have lots of lovely new lolita-related things to review, but first things first, I need to write a thank you! I got a birthday valentine on Lolita Valentines on Sunday and I just wanted to say it was really appreciated. I have a strong feeling I know who made it, but whoever it was, thank you!

I am number 10-

So I had a really great time. I went on multiple adventures in both London and Oxford and got to see lots of lovely friends. I didn't dress up in lolita or anything because the UK is currently in the middle of a heatwave. Layering up in heavy frills is the last thing I feel like doing right now and I have been surviving on ice lollies.

But I thought people might like to see what I got and maybe do a bit of reviewing here and there.

First up, I got Gothic Lolita Punk from my friends Jo and Chris. I have not had a proper chance to read it yet, but after flicking through, it mainly seems to be a picture book which showcases well known lolita artists. There are familiar names such as Kira Imai, but some lesser known ones too. Although I may not follow the art tutorials, it is interesting finding out the process behind the art work. It is also quite fun to quickly flick through and admire the art. I think it is a shame that so few artists are represented in the book, but maybe that is because it is such a niche style that there are so few well-known artists.

I also got some Chocomint accessories and an Angelic Pretty ring from my husband James. I thought the kiss earrings would look cute with my Sugar Hearts skirt. They are the right sort of style and colour. The earrings are very heavy and maybe not for everyday wear. I have also decided to keep them wrapped up safely in bubble wrap because I fear I may break them! The design is very cute though. The felt stars have a 2 way clip on the back, just like their bigger 2 way clips. You can see the clip poking out very slightly, but it is only from certain angles. The felt has been cut well with no fluffy edges and the stitching is very neat. I have been looking to get an AP Sugar Hearts ring for ages, so I am ecstatic that James managed to get me one! The ring is typical of any AP jewellery. The ring is thick plastic and very firm.

I also got given this pink cardigan from James. I already reviewed the same cardigan in red before on this blog. The colour is a bit more salmon pink than pure pink but it will still match a lot of things in my wardrobe. I still think it is very cute.

James also got me these Bodyline chiffon blouses in black and pink. In recent times, my Bodyline items have arrived with small stains and stuff on them. This time around there were no such stains, but my black blouse was missing one of the sleeve bows. So in the end I took the other bow off to make it look even. That aside, the blouses were just fine and there was nothing wrong with the pink blouse at all. The pink blouse is again a bit more salmon pink than sugary pink, but in this case I actually prefer that.

The front ruffle is very generous. I found it made my bust area look a bit bigger! The ruffles really stick out and are full of volume. They have been generously gathered. I quite like the effect, but I think if they had been gathered any more then it would have been too OTT. There were a few loose threads, but otherwise the sewing is neat with no major issues. The buttons are a bit simple in design but are a reasonably good quality.

The sleeves are very stretchy. I found there was plenty of room in the sleeves and they felt very comfortable. The elastic isn't too tight. The pink bows are a slightly different colour but not too noticeable. I think the sleeves are perfect and they are super comfortable.

The back has a ribbon corset on the back, which will help make the blouse a bit smaller if need be. I worry the lace hoops holding the ribbon in place may fray or become damaged, but this seems to be quite a typical design for lots of brands.

Being chiffon, the material is a bit see-through. If I were intending to wear this blouse with a camisole underneath (instead of under a JSK) then I would need to cut these labels out. If you didn't know the labels were there, then maybe you wouldn't notice them, but I am still considering cutting them out.

And here is a very poor worn picture of the blouse with a camisole underneath! I apologise for the bad picture. I took it whilst my husband was at work, so I had to do a mirror shot. I think it looks really pretty when worn. I think the website's size listings were pretty accurate. The materials feel really soft too. It is just as comfortable as some of my other chiffon blouses and feels so light.

I would like to thank all of the people who sent me birthday messages on facebook and elsewhere. They were all very much appreciated. I had a really great long weekend and I feel so grateful to know so many wonderful people. Thank you all. And I hope my blouse review was helpful!


  1. Happy happy birthday!! You received some super lovely gifts and thank you for the review on the Bodyline blouse! I've had my eye on it for awhile, but I've been wary since I didn't know if it was actual chiffon (which would be perfect) or similar to their other blouses with the stiffer, uncomfortable fabric.

    1. Thank you!!!! This blouse is so much nicer than my other Bodyline blouses. It feels really comfortable.


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