Thursday, 10 July 2014

Alice Day 2014!

 Alice Day seems to come around quicker every year! I decided to host another meet for the Oxfordshire Lolitas, even though Alice Day isn't as good as it used to be. I don't think we even really did anything remotely Alice-related, apart from the games I brought along with me.

I went as the White Rabbit again this year. I recycled the bunny ears from last year's outfit and stuck them on a completely different one. Luckily I purchased this dress at Frock On last year, so I had a nice bunny-themed dress to team the ears with. I have to admit, I did put this outfit together right at the last minute because I had been so distracted with the meet planning side of things and there are also lots of other exciting events coming up in the next few months. I was worried the pinks didn't match but because the dress has different shades of pinks in it, I don't think it looks too bad? The head bow may be slightly off, but otherwise I am pleased with the end result, considering how quickly I had to put this together. I went for strawberry themed jewellery to match the strawberries in the print. My Alice in Wonderland jewellery was sadly the wrong colour.

We were meant to be having a picnic but once again, the British weather was being annoying! We were meant to have rain and it did rain lots overnight, making the ground wet. Typically, it did get sunny during the day though! So we ended up in the Mitre for lunch. I made goody bags for everybody and we all voted to see who wore the favourite outfit. Blair won! I was very happy for her, as I did really love her outfit, especially her hair accessories. She won a handmade brooch, which was Alice themed. 

We considered going to the Botanical Gardens, as they were meant to be having Alice Day stuff going on, but when we peered over the hedges it looked pretty empty in there. So we decided against it in the end. It didn't stop me taking flower pictures outside the entrance though! Perhaps the rain meant they didn't have as much stuff out. There was also an exhibition going on at the Christ Church Library, but we got a bit lost. So in the end, we didn't really go to any of the events that were running, but there were still fun and games to come.

As the sun had decided to make an appearance, we went to G&D's to get ice cream. They had a special Alice in Wonderland flavour in honour of Alice Day so that is what I went for. This year's Alice theme was "Alice Underground" so the choice of chocolate ice cream was quite appropriate. It has white chocolate buttons in it too.

But of course we had to do something Alice related... So I brought my games along with me again! It is very hard to come up with new games every year, so I did an egg race in honour of Humpty Dumpty. In the end, Shalisa won!

There was also a hoop the rabbit game in honour of the White Rabbit. I thought I had set an easy distance and the idea was to keep moving backwards until only one person left could still hoop it. But in the end, only Blair was able to hoop the rabbit from the starting distance! So she won the chocolate rabbit and an additional prize.

And finally, a group photo! The sun was really strong at this point and it didn't help some random guy kept photo bombing us, so it was a struggle to find a decent group picture. I borrowed this one from Madeleine (sorry!). It felt very strange being the only one in pastel colours!

So whilst I do feel that the Alice Day events were a bit of a let-down, I think we were able to fit in a lot of fun things. I even managed to find brown sugar and cinnamon pop tarts at the sweet shop (that flavour is very difficult to find here). Despite not going exactly to plan, my guests did assure me that they had a good time. It was good to catch up with everybody, and we even bumped in to several familiar faces whilst we were walking around town too! Given how much everybody seemed to enjoy the event this year, I may host another one again next year. Hopefully next time we will be able to go to some of the actual Alice events!

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