Thursday, 5 June 2014

Take a Theme- Toys

I had a request sent to me to do a Take a Theme post on toys and I shared some links with them privately. I had quite a few other links left over though, so today I will be sharing a few of my favourite toy themed items with you all! I tried to pick items that maybe people didn't think about straight away. When I think of toy themed outfits I think of Angelic Pretty's toy themed tights or those bear hats that Minty Mix used to make. I did a bit of digging around some of my favourite shops to see what I could find.

Potential sub themes for toys- teddy bears, childhood, nostalgia, fluffy or soft textures

Brand prints of note- Melody Toys, Toy Parade, Toy March (Angelic Pretty), British Bear, Museum Bear (Innocent World), Candy Star Rabbit, Toy Box (Metamorphose) or anything featuring BABY's mascot Usakumya

Unfortunately a few of the items in this post have since gone out of stock but I think they still reflect my personal choices.

I was aiming for something a little bit different from the common pastel offerings you get from brands such as AP. So there are a few brown tones in there and even some golden items to offer a bit of variety. It was also a goal of mine to make sure the entire post wasn't dominated by teddy bears so there are a few other popular toys in here. I especially love the rubber duck ring! The chess board bag offers something a bit more classical and I can imagine the Chocomint bear clip matching many Innocent World dresses.


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