Thursday, 19 June 2014

Lady Sariel Over-skirt Review

I have been looking at new ways of adding extra layers to my outfits recently and I thought that a chiffon over-skirt may be a nice addition to my wardrobe. Lady Sariel offers quite a cheap chiffon over-skirt and they looked pretty in the pictures, so I thought I would give them a go.


To order from Lady Sariel, you have to send her a message through her Facebook page. Search for Lady Sariel on Facebook and you should be able to find her page quite easily. I sent Lady Sariel a message and she responded very quickly, so her communication was good. I gave her the measurements she needed (waist and length) and soon after, she was making my 2 over-skirts. The whole process was very quick and my items were soon completed in less than a week.


I sent my address around the 9th of June and my package arrived on the 14th of June. I think this is a reasonable amount of time for a package coming from mainland Europe.

My package was sent in a very sturdy plastic mailing bag, which was sealed very well. My items were very secure inside and I had no worries about the items inside being damaged during transit.

Inside the outer packaging my over-skirts were wrapped together in another plastic bag.

Two over-skirts worked out at roughly £42 and are cheap in comparison to similar products available. The materials used are average, but considering the price I think what is used is fairly reasonable. The sewing is fairly neat, just looking a little bit messy near the ends of the ribbon belt. I was a little surprised that the belt was made of ribbon, as it is not a very stretchy material. I deliberately added a few centimetres to my waist measurement when I ordered and it is important to do so, otherwise the over-skirts will not fit. The over-skirts have a simple clasp, which is easy to do up.

The chiffon used is not the nicest I have seen, but feels very soft. The skirt has a good shape to it although the edges are a bit rough. I really like the way the material is gathered and how it falls down though.

And here are a few worn photos of my black over-skirt. 

I am very impressed with the way the skirt looks from the side. In this photo I think a slight gust of wind had caught the skirt. I think it adds nice movement to the outfit.

Another side shot, this time when the wind wasn't blowing. The over-skirt sits very nicely on top of the skirt. It is so soft and delicate looking and I think it creates an interesting silhouette.

Overall, I think that the end product is worth the cheap price. With my 2 over-skirts working out at £21 each with shipping included, I think what I got was what I expected. The materials could have been better but you get what you pay for. I have to say, I am very impressed with the shape it creates though, and I love how soft the chiffon is. Lady Sariel was very pleasant to deal with too. So I would say that this is a positive experience and I would recommend Lady Sariel. 

And if you are curious to see what my full outfit from this post looks like, you can see it on my Lookbook here- 


  1. Hmm I honestly think this is a bit too expensive, because she didn't finished the rim (I don't know the correct word ^^'). She just cut the fabric and sewed it on a ribbon O_O

    1. Don't worry, I completely understood what you meant! I was basing this on the fact that I have seen similar over-skirts being sold for a lot more than this and in comparison L.S seemed a lot cheaper. I am thinking of making an over-skirt myself soon, so maybe I will get a better idea of how reasonable these prices actually are :)


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