Thursday, 26 June 2014

Craft Project Mission in Oxford!

Last weekend a few friends and I decided to have another casual meet in Oxford. We decided to walk up to Hobbycraft because all 3 of us were looking for crafting bits. I am trying to get my outfit for the September Tea Party Club event sorted as soon as possible and the outfit I want to wear involves a lot of crafting. Despite the hot weather, it also seemed a good excuse to wear lolita!

I decided on Sugary Carnival by Angelic Pretty. I obtained Sugary Carnival a few months ago and I was shocked by the lack of things I had to go with it. I thought my wardrobe was finally at that stage where I had plenty of basics and accessories, but this dress has proved me wrong! So this is something I am planning on working on once the TPC event is out of the way and I have a bit more money to raid the Japanese auctions.  As you can probably tell, this outfit was me just chucking on whatever matched the dress the best. I feel the outfit is a bit too casual looking for Sugary Carnival and I am intending to do a more fancy outfit with it as soon as possible. Sammi very kindly made me the head bow for this outfit, which I chose the material for. I spent ages finding the perfect pink and settled on a shade which matched the little mini bows at the bases of the straps. 

Before we embarked on our walk to the retail parks out of town, we decided to refuel with food first. We ended up in Zizzi's, which is unusual for us as we don't often go to Italian places with the Oxford group. The food was really nice, although the tables were ridiculously tiny and we could barely move! Shalisa and I shared a Sofia pizza as we both thought it looked nice. The chilli peppers were a bit hot, but otherwise I enjoyed it.

After going to Hobbycraft (which was partly successful, but I still need to ebay some bits) we looked around the other shops in the park. We ended up in Toys R Us where we found this hilarious looking Spyro costume! I don't think this picture really shows just how awful this costume looked in person! The mask was creepy.

After Toys R Us we went in to Pets at Home to look at the cute animals. I'm so glad I am not the only person who visits pet stores just to look at the cute animals and not actually to buy anything! I fully approve of the store's choice of fish tank accessories. If I had pet fish I would definitely decorate the tank with Spongebob toys.

After shopping, we went to G&D's for ice cream and once again, they didn't have my favourite Oxford Blue flavour! However, the Black Beauty flavour I got was very nice. And the portion sizes were once again very generous.

Shalisa wore her Meta poodle dress with a hair accessory from her shop Sugar Trampoline. She looked very lovely and retro!

Sammi did a lavender and yellow combination with Angelic pretty pieces. Can you believe she found the skirt for only £14? I am very impressed with Sammi's cheap auction finding skills.

To finish the day we went to the pub, where Sammi and I shared a pitcher of Pimms and lemonade. Pimms is seriously one of the best alcoholic drinks ever and it tastes even better when the sun is shining.

So it was a very busy and hot day, but definitely worth it! I love spending time with Shalisa and Sammi (and James too, of course!) and love it when we have our little catch-ups like this. And here is hoping our craft projects are successful too.


  1. I really liked how you coordinated Sugary Carnival. It's cool that you found a more casual way of wearing it. I'm looking forward to when you do come up with something more dramatic though :)

    I love our days out together! I had such a wonderful time even in the midst of my insomnia induced exhaustion XD (luckily that has stopped and I'm sleeping normally again!) I really want to try the Pimm's next time!

    1. Thanks! I think Sugary Carnival is one of those dresses where everybody thinks you have to go "big" with it so it was nice to do something a bit simpler. But yes, I do have bigger plans for it!

      Me too! They are so much fun. I am glad you are sleeping better now. You have never had Pimms!?!?!? We need to fix this!


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