Thursday, 24 April 2014

My First Amazon Japan Order!

I have been so distracted by Enchanted that I haven't had the chance to blog about my experiences with Amazon Japan... So I thought I would do that today!

It was only very recently that I discovered that people can order from Amazon Japan even if they live outside of Japan. Had I known sooner, I would definitely have placed more orders! So with the latest Angelic Pretty "mook" coming out, I decided it was about time I set up a account and placed my first Amazon Japan order.

This is the guide I used to help me place my order-

Whilst this guide says about ordering things already in stock, I found I was also able to place a pre-order using the same guidelines. I found the instructions so easy. It is essentially the same as setting up an account with your own country's Amazon. I would definitely recommend giving Amazon Japan a go.

I was sent an email on the day that my mook was dispatched. I was a bit surprised when DHL sent me a text as well. They sent me quite a few text updates and also kept the tracking page up to date. It was so detailed that I knew every country my parcel travelled through. I even got a text to let me know I was getting my parcel that day and to keep an eye out for the DHL delivery guy. I have missed DHL so much... I used to always use them for my Bodyline orders when you could still use them there!

And here we have my Angelic Pretty mook! Well, I say mook... the mook part was more like a mini booklet! But I ordered this for the umbrella anyway and I knew not to expect a long book, so I was hardly disappointed.

Even the packaging was really cute!

The A4 sized booklet contained a few snaps of the recent Angelic Pretty fashion show. It has photos of their Fantasy Theatre, Melody Toys and Romantic Rose Letter prints. The back then has a store list. The whole thing is only 8 pages, but it is nice to have some decent sized photos of the model's outfits.

The umbrella comes in a handy carry case.

And this is what the umbrella looks like opened. Yes, I know it is bad luck to open an umbrella inside... I decided to risk it! The size is fairly small but enough to keep you dry. The frame feels very sturdy. I wouldn't recommend it for gale-force winds but it should hold its own during your average rain shower.

The print is quite crisp for an umbrella. With the cheap price, I wasn't expecting the quality to be as good as it was. This umbrella is making me want to get the Cinema Doll JSK!

So to anybody who is curious about Amazon Japan, I would say give it a go. It is so simple to use. The entire experience was positive from start to finish. And I absolutely adore my new Cinema Doll umbrella!


  1. I'd just like to confirm that it doesn't like wind. I used mine on the way back from the bus stop after Enchanted and it blew inside out! But I managed to get it back the right way again, I just got wet too haha.

    1. Oh no! D: I could tell it wouldn't be able to handle really strong winds but this is disappointing to hear. But it sounds like it is a bit stronger than my Innocent World umbrella. The metal frame on that one bent the first time I used it, but to be fair the wind was a bit stronger that day!


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