Monday, 7 April 2014


On Saturday I attended the Enchanted event in London! This event was by Street Fashion Europe and for their first event, the Tea Party Club were the hosts. I have been getting excited about this for months so I am feeling a little empty now it is all over... But today I am going to share some of what happened! I decided I may split this event in to 2 posts, so do keep an eye out on Thursday for a another post. I will be posting some of my favourite outfits!

So this is a sneaky picture I took of the queue whilst we were waiting! The venue was Gibson Hall, near Bank station. I don't feel like my pictures really do the venue justice. But let's just say I was very impressed by the main hall we were in. I was given a glass of champagne as part of my VIP ticket. I felt very sophisticated walking around with a glass of bubbly in such a grand setting.

There was a welcome on stage from all the different Street Fashion Europe team members. You can't see very much in this photo but I think it gives you an idea of what the room looked like. Overall, I was very impressed with the set-up. All the stalls were very cute. However, my only complaint would be the Bring and Buy area. It was given such a small space and so many lolitas were trying to cram themselves in by these clothing rails. It made it quite hard to browse. I think I was quite successful with my purchases though (see below).

After the fashion show, 2 of Minori's outfits were auctioned off. I had to resist the urge to put a bid in! I really loved the black and white outfit. When you looked up close there were so many details to the outfits. Minori is a very talented lady.

After the auction the dessert buffet opened up and there was a mass stampede! I missed the Q&A section with the guests because I got trapped behind the buffet table. The cakes looked very cute. As for the taste, I felt some were better than others. I loved the marshmallows and the little cupcake I had (back right in picture) but I wasn't a fan of the coffee cheesecake type dessert I also picked up (front right). I kept going back for more of the marshmallows. I thought there was meant to be some sort of limit on how many cakes you could have, but many of us were able to go back for more and everybody seemed very content with the quantity. 

I even got to have a picture taken with Minori! After she did her 1 hour make-up tutorial on stage, we decided to pounce and get a photo. I had to crouch down a bit to get in the shot. Minori is so tiny! She looked absolutely beautiful and I am ecstatic that I got the chance to meet her. Although I probably wouldn't try shironuri myself, I have a lot of admiration for it. Minori's usual make-up takes about 2 hours to do! I do hope she comes to more events in the future.

Afterwards, there was a raffle and a group photo. My ticket number was called really late so I won another of the free mirrors we got in the VIP goody bags. Sammi got some Lockshop tights. I was so jealous!

I have purposely been saving wearing my first Twinkle Journey outfit for Enchanted. I saw that BABY restocked the chiffon princess sleeved blouse and I knew I had to get it to wear with TJ. I wanted a sort of unicorn princess look, just without a unicorn horn! I wasn't happy with the photos I took of my outfit, so I have decided I am going to re-stage some of them at a later date. Out of all the outfits I have ever done, this has got to be one of the ones that I have enjoyed wearing the most. 

The biggest challenge was putting on all the hair accessories and making sure they stayed in place all day. This photo was taken at the end of the event and as you may be able to see, my white hair clip was starting to fall out! The feathers were from a doll making website I stumbled across by accident. The rose clips are the ones from Claire's that I am always raving about. It's a shame you can't really see the crown that well in these pictures though.

The shoes were heavily inspired by Cardcaptor Sakura! I don't usually take inspiration from anime, but on this occasion I felt like this particular detail fitted in with the rest of the outfit.

When I got home the following day I decided to take a more detailed look at my VIP goody bag contents. There were loads of flyers with money off coupons. I think my teeth are going to fall out from all the free sweets we got given! There was also a mirror from Atelier Pierrot and a special Enchanted logo badge. We also got given what looked suspiciously like flower bulbs, but I found out after that they are actually meant to make tea with.

I felt like I brought a lot less this time around. I only got a skirt and a dress from the bring and buy stall. But look at the dress!!!! I got Krad Lanrete's Jellyfish print JSK in the darker blue. I am so happy! I saw somebody else put it down and then I knew I had to get it. It is my very first long length JSK. I am already thinking of outfit ideas for it. I know some people have had trouble co-ordinating it or felt it didn't look right on them, but to be honest, I am more worried about coming up with something for my new Candy Star Rabbit skirt! Candy Star Rabbit has a strange shade of blue, but I am determined to come up with something! If anybody sees the matching hair combs for sale anywhere then please let me know.

I didn't have a ticket for the Tea Party on the Sunday, so I just hung around with Sammi and Nicola in Chinatown for a while. I picked up some peach and grape flavoured Oreos (very peculiar!) and a bottle of Ramune soda. I also got the latest issue of Kera from the recently relocated Japan Centre.

So now I am feeling very worn out and in need of a good, long sleep! But it was worth it just to see everybody. I was a bit sad that I missed some people. I kept getting stuck in crowds, so I apologise if I didn't get around to talking to you. There were loads of impressive outfits and I have to admit that at some points I felt under-dressed! I am really looking forward to the next big London event. Who knows, maybe one day I will make it to one of the abroad Street Fashion Europe events... For now, I am just glad that I got the chance to be a part of a really incredible day. Thank you so much to everybody who made it possible!


  1. It was an amazing weekend! It's just a shame it's all over now!
    aaand your outfit was perfect :D

    1. I'm so sad it is over! :( Thank you! You looked pretty awesome yourself! <3

  2. Such a wonderful weekend and your coord was amazing! All the little touches <3

    1. Thank you! It is a shame I didn't get much of a chance to properly talk to you, but you looked awesome! :D

  3. Your coord is absolutely beautiful ! Original and unique ! Bravo for the wings customizations, it looks amazing without being "carnavelesque" ! *__*

    1. Thank you! I like the word "carnavelesque". I am going to have to remember that word! :D


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