Thursday, 20 March 2014

Lockshop Cascade Coffee Dip Wig- Positive

I thought today I would take a look at the Lockshop wig I received last week. I ordered the Cascade wig in Coffee Dip. I was debating whether to get a new wig for my Enchanted outfit or not and this particular wig seemed to fit the style of my outfit. I am still unsure which wig I will end up wearing but it is always fun to have a new wig to play with! I actually wanted to get the Mermaid Beachy wig, but that was long sold out. So I went for the wig that I saw my friend Sammi buy at Frock On, which she liked so much, she ended up switching wigs and using it when she modelled for Stocking Shock. This did mean I had a rough idea of what to expect from this wig before I brought it.


The Lockshop website is very easy to follow. I have ordered previously, so I already had an account set up. But the website layout and cart system is simple, so it is easy for a new customer to use too. Checkout was very quick and I got an automated email back straight away. I placed my order on Monday the 3rd and it was sent out on Friday the 7th. Apparently Lockshop send out their orders every Wednesday, so I was a little surprised they waited until Friday. However, Friday wasn't much longer to wait and the process was still reasonably quick.


There were 2 shipping options and I chose the TNT option, which was a few euros more expensive. I have to admit, I did find the website that you enter your tracking number in to was very confusing. I don't know if it was just the way Chrome was translating the page, but it suggested that my parcel was being delivered on a day it wasn't. In the end, I had to do a bit of searching to try and track my package on a different website. I got very confused about which day my wig was actually being delivered, which can be very frustrating if you are waiting at home for your package. In the end, my wig arrived on Wednesday the 12th, which means the package took 5 days to get to me. I think 5 days is perfectly reasonable. In the end, Yodel looked after my parcel once it arrived in the UK but when I looked up my tracking on their page, nothing came up. So I have no issues with the speed and service, I just wish I had known a bit more about where my parcel was.

The wig was packaged in a plastic bag. It was sealed very securely and the contents did not have any room to move inside.

Inside the plastic, the wig bag was wrapped up in tissue paper. I thought the package was wrapped up so cutely and I tried to save the tissue paper, but sadly it ripped as I opened it! Lockshop gave me another free wig cap, which is always useful. I looked up my previous Lockshop wig review and apparently last time I was given a letter with care instructions on it. I didn't get one this time, so maybe they have stopped doing them.

And on the the actual wig!

Here is a view of the back...

... and this is the front. When the wig arrived it was almost wearable straight from the packet. All the photos in this post show the wig as it appeared right after being taken out of the packet. Afterwards I tried it on and I did give it a quick brush through, just with my fingers. There were no tangles. I get the impression that this wig will be easy to look after. The wavy design is very cute. I think I may brush it out just a tiny bit to give it a softer, fluffier look. Overall, I am very impressed with the design. The fibres feel so soft. The wig is a bit shiny, but not too bad. It looks fairly natural when worn.

The wig has a reasonable amount of thickness to it. I could barely see any light come through the wig cap when I held it up.

This is what the fake scalp looks like. When you really look up close, you can obviously tell it is a wig, but when worn I don't think it looks bad at all.

And this picture shows the colour contrast between the top and the coffee dipped bottom. When you see the wig in person, the progression from light brown to dark coffee is very subtle. You may not even spot the darker ends straight away! This is exactly how I was expecting the wig to look. The 2 tone style has been done very well.

So overall, I am once again impressed with the quality of my Lockshop wig. The confusion with the tracking was a bit of a set-back, but apart from that this was a hugely positive experience. The tracking confusion was not enough to put me off ordering from Lockshop again and I still would highly recommend their wigs. I really love this wig design. It is slightly more casual than my previous wig purchases, but I like that. It makes it more wearable in my opinion. I still don't know if I will be wearing it with my Enchanted outfit, but I know I will be getting a lot of wear out of my new wig!

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