Thursday, 13 March 2014

Guilty Pleasure- Hair

 Have you seen Hair on BBC3? I had reservations about this show, but I have to admit I have been enjoying seeing the competitor's final creations.

As a lolita, hair styling has always been one of my weak points. So I have a lot of admiration for anybody who can create such beautiful hair styles. And some of the creations on Hair have certainly been interesting!

One of my favourites so far has been this Mad Hatter hair style during the hair as hats challenge. I feel that the hair style really captures the character of the Mad Hatter.

Another interesting one was this Thumbelina style which opened up in to a flower. Whilst the model doesn't look particularly impressed in the photos, I think it takes a lot of creativity to come up with such a hair style and then create it.

Whilst I don't think everybody will suddenly be recreating these hair styles, I do wonder if one day a lolita or Japanese fashion follower will create an elaborate hair style on this sort of level. There are times when a outfit calls for a decorative hair style and it can really help to pull and outfit theme together.

So whilst I may never be able to do anything like this myself, I have been watching with envy and amazement. It has certainly made me look at hair in a different way! I have mixed views on the TV show and mainly like seeing the final results, but I think it is worth giving the TV show a go. Do go and look it up!

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