Thursday, 9 January 2014

Things I Would Like To See In 2014

Well, 2013 was certainly an interesting year. I had a look at my post about what I wanted to see in 2013 and some of my wishes did come true, but quite a few haven't yet. But it is time to look ahead to 2014 and these are the things I would like to see.

Angelic Pretty to re-release Sugar Hearts and Honey Cake- 2013 saw Angelic Pretty re-release a fair few of their prints. Admittedly, my ultimate dream would be to see them re-release Puppet Circus, but that is highly unlikely. AP mainly seem to be sticking to more recent releases. So my picks for re-releases in 2014 would be Honey Cake and Sugar Hearts. I was never personally fussed by Honey Cake, but I know a fair few friends of mine who are desperate to get their hands on this series. I think Sugar Hearts is a series that started off with few fans, but then slowly grew a larger fan base. I would be interested to see a new dress cut for Sugar Hearts and possibly a new colour of yellow. I think Honey Cake could look interesting with a brown version. Also, it would be a perfect excuse for AP to re-release all the cute jewellery that were part of these 2 series!

For Metamorphose to have a "big hit" series- Poor Meta... I was having a browse through my wishlist about a week ago and I realised that I haven't really been that keen on anything Meta put out in 2013. Most of the time I find myself disliking their dress shapes or thinking their colour choices are a bit weird. Metamorphose is one of the most well-known lolita brands and I have always had a soft spot for them, but when was the last time you saw somebody get excited by a recent Meta release? For me, it has been a long time. I really hope that in 2014 Meta have a good series that gets the same hype as their most popular releases. However, I was impressed by their recent Winter lucky packs and I was sad they sold out before I had a chance to get one!

Bodyline making navy, mint, lavender and wine boleros- This is making a return from last year's wishlist. I love my Bodyline boleros and it annoys me when I can't get them in my favourite colours. I would have thought that mint and lavender at least, would be obvious choices to add to their cardigan colours.

More quirky shoe designs- 2013 saw some very interesting shoes being coordinated with lolita outfits. My personal favourite 'quirky' shoes were the violin shoes from Innocent World.

I thought these were a really interesting idea and they are a bit different. I know they wouldn't match a single thing in my current wardrobe, and yet I still want them! I feel like there is room for more exploration when it comes to shoes whether it is a different style of shoe design, or even something smaller like a pretty shoe clip.

For the BABY designers to come to the UK- I consider myself very lucky to be a UK lolita. We have had some incredible events, with some of the big lolita brands coming to visit us. So who do we invite next? I am personally hoping to see the designers behind Baby the Stars Shine Bright in the UK! Correct me if I am wrong, but I don't believe they have visited Europe yet.

For Angelic Pretty to release a duck print- Another returning entry to my annual list, and it will be staying on here until this happens! Can you imagine how cute little ducklings drawn by Maki would look? 

Some more practical, larger sized bags- I may not have liked Meta's dresses this past year, but I have really liked a lot of their bags. I find most lolita bags are too small to carry all of my stuff, but Meta have released some bags which are a bit more roomy. 

Take this bag for example-

Not only is is pretty, but it is large enough to carry all my essentials and it can be worn 3 different ways. Practical does not have to mean ugly. I would definitely use a bag like this outside of lolita, for everyday use as well.

More Chiffon Underskirts- My obsession with chiffon continues! I really love how brands such as Juliette et Justine have released chiffon underskirts. It gives the bottom a real floaty, soft appearance. It is also a good way of adding vital length if a dress is a bit on the short side. Chiffon underskirts have been shown to work great with classic lolita. Maybe we could see if chiffon underskirts could work with sweet lolita as well? I would love to see some pastel chiffon underskirts.

And so, this is my current list of wishes for this year. As for my own personal goals for this year, I am hoping to give lace front wigs a try, I want to try to buy less dresses and more basics (such as pretty blouses and more hair accessories) and I want to take more time to put my outfits together and make sure to test run them to see if they look okay. I am also hoping to create a decent outfit for Enchanted in April- I already have a few ideas!


  1. My wish would be for a brand to announce they're opening a shop in England-- though I realise this is probably somewhat unlikely XD

    Ahh I love Meta! I had a solo obsession over their Sweet Cherry series, but everything else last year was pretty meh for me. I especially thought Typewriting Squirrels was a complete disaster. I like a lot of the dress designs they're putting out but I often find the prints are too cluttered, boring, or feature awkward colours (though I was quite impressed by their patent gold boots!) Maybe this year they'll come up with something that blows us all away.

    I totally agree about there needing to be more bolero colours. I'd probably end up with one in each colour!

    1. A brand shop in England would be awesome but I think a lot of people assume we can all just hop over the channel to France! I keep promising myself that I will renew my passport someday and pop over for the weekend but I never get around to it!

      I love Meta too but... 2013 just wasn't their year! XD They did have some lovely bags and shoes though. With their prints I have found there has always been something holding me back from liking them. The last time I got excited about a Meta series was Fancy Egg and that was late 2012!

      They so do need more bolero colours... I would buy 2nd hand brand ones but for some reason, I never find any I like on there. I still need to get a navy one for my Enchanted outfit...


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