Thursday, 30 January 2014

Jan 2014 Ox Loli Meet- Fudge Making!

Last weekend, the Oxfordshire Lolitas had their first official meet of 2014! This time we made fudge at the Fudge Kitchen in Oxford.

I was having a total outfit dilemma. I had to wear things which I wouldn't mind getting fudge on and also it was raining heavily all day, so I had to contend with rain water too. I went for a simple kuro outfit in the end, using mainly Bodyline pieces and finished with off-brand and Taobao. This photo is probably the only good outfit I got from the day. I was walking to the train station and literally 5 minutes after I left, my new Innocent World umbrella broke and I got totally soaked! I had spent ages curling my hair for nothing! My hair accessory was falling out because of the wind as well. So by the time I made it to Oxford I was already a frizzy-haired, soaked mess! In case you were wondering, I did manage to fix my IW umbrella but it has become apparent that I shouldn't use it on really windy days (and we get a lot of windy days around here at the moment).

After meeting everybody, we headed over to the Fudge Kitchen shop. We were given a massive tray of free samples. I believe we were given some of practically every flavour in the store. I don't think we managed to finish it all in the end! I was really fascinated by the way the fudge is made there. It is a bit different to how I make it at home and involves a lot of folding to get the bar shape they sell in store. I was on a team with James and Sammi and I was pretty pleased with my group's effort! Ours turned out really well.

The optimum weight for the fudge being sold in the store is 175g. So we had a competition to see who could get the closest to that weight. Jenni won in the end, but in some ways, there was more than one winner. We got to keep our fudge afterwards, so if your fudge came in too heavy (like mine did) you got extra fudge to take home!

Hayley, Jenni and Michelle were on the other team. Their folding technique wasn't as good as ours but they were better at the creaming part.

Claire and Martin, who were looking after us, were amazing. They are clearly very enthusiastic about fudge. Martin even went outside at one point to compete with a guy outside who thought he was the new messiah, trying to get people to convert to the religion of fudge. I know I am a fudge convert!

We got given 2 additional free bars of fudge, alongside the bar of fudge we cut from our own batch. So with the free samples too, you get a massive amount of fudge for the price you pay for the experience. I would highly recommend it if you live close to a Fudge Kitchen. It was also great to do something a little bit different at a lolita meet, provided you don't mind getting a bit of fudge on your frills!


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