Monday, 16 December 2013

Ox Loli Christmas meet 2013

Yesterday the Oxfordshire Lolitas had their Christmas meet. We went to the Mitre (our favourite hang-out at the moment!) for some lovely pub food and then went on to the Christmas market. Sadly, it was raining a fair bit, so we spent most of our time in the pub!

We did a Secret Santa. Jenni gave me a very cute pair of Secret Shop tights. I didn't even know Secret Shop did tights... They are made of a similar material to their socks, so they are lovely and thick. Thankfully, Sammi seemed to like the presents I got for her. I was really worried about it!

The Mitre recently introduced salted caramel profiteroles as part of their festive menu. I want them to keep them all year around! They were delicious. The salted caramel really adds to the profiteroles.

Thankfully, the Christmas market was a bit more interesting than the Reading one last weekend. Although there were no knitting robots this time! I managed to grab a couple of free samples and I liked how the market was held in the traditional market style huts. There were all sorts of different products on offer, alongside the common Christmas market things like cheese and candles. We probably would have stayed around the market a bit longer, but it was raining a fair bit by this stage. We didn't even manage to get any group photos because it got dark too quickly.

I decided to wear my Milk Bunny and Snow Strawberry dress, although I am not too happy with how my outfit turned out. I was still having wig troubles from the week before and I really don't like the head bow I wore. I do have the matching bonnet for this dress, but when I put it on it just didn't look right on me. I was also having a colour dilemma because when I tried teaming the dress with pink, I looked too pale and "washed out". So in the end, I decided to make the red in the print a bit more of a feature. I don't think it looks too bad? I would say I was happy with my outfit from the shoulders down. It probably doesn't help that I forgot to take photos in the morning, so by the time these were taken my socks were mud splattered, my wig looked even worse and my petticoats had deflated!

But despite my outfit woes, I was really glad to spend time with some friendly faces. We had a good, long chat in the pub and hopefully everybody enjoyed themselves. It would have been nice to have some better weather but I still had a great day. I am feeling more positive about next year's meets now and hopefully there will be many fun adventures in the future.


  1. I actually really liked your coordinate that day! You always manage to mix pink and red really well together, plus that dress is so adorable on you :)

    1. Thank you! I just wish the head part looked a bit better! XD I like wearing red for some reason. It's good to know the dress looks good on me! :)

  2. You Lolitas in Oxford always have such a lovely meets! I wish I could attend this one....

    1. Thank you! Hopefully I will see you more in 2014! :D


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