Monday, 9 December 2013

Berkshire Lolitas Christmas Meet

At the weekend I attended a meet for the Berkshire Lolitas for International Lolita Day/Christmas. The group is very new and it was very exciting to meet some new people and also see some familiar faces again.

The plan was to go to this Christmas market being held but to be honest, it wasn't that good! I did however, get the chance to meet Agnes the Knitting Robot. Agnes was VERY creepy! She did all these jerky movements... You could buy a scarf knitted by Agnes for £25, but I decided to pass.

We did a Secret Santa as part of the meet. Rosemary got me some very pretty navy and black wrist cuffs. I really love them and plan to wear them with my Midsummer Night's Dream dress. I was really nervous about my recipient not liking her present, but thankfully Victoria seemed happy with what I got her. That was a relief!

A group shot in the Forbury Gardens band stand. This brings back memories of when Shalisa hosted a meet here ages ago and we had to have our picnic in the band stand because of the rain. Thankfully the weather was better this time. As you can see, we got a decent number of people for a new group.

I wore AP's Starry Night Theater because it seemed like the most festive friendly dress in my wardrobe. I was really keen to wear these star print tights that I found in Claire's about a year ago and thankfully, they seemed to work with the dress. I went for a simple colour palette of pink, red and gold. My wig was getting on my nerves a lot during the day. I think it needs a bit of a restyle. But aside from that, I was fairly satisfied with my outfit.

We went to Tampopo for food. I went for the chicken satay with jasmine rice. I also got a passionfruit bellini cocktail, which tasted beautiful. The food was really tasty and I would definitely consider going there again.

And to finish, a Christmas tree I found by the riverside outside the Oracle Centre. It looked a lot prettier in person.

I was really happy that I got to meet a new group of people. I had been feeling a bit unwell, but everybody made me feel so comfortable. Everybody was very friendly and so pretty! I am really looking forward to seeing everybody again.

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