Thursday, 8 August 2013

A Small Bodyline Birthday Haul!

I am back from my holiday! Posting should be back to normal now.

So before my holiday, I had my birthday! I got lots of lovely things, including 2 new Bodyline items. So I thought I would share my new Bodyline items with you all.

I finally have skirt L514! I have blogged about this skirt previously because I think the print is very beautiful. The fabric is of the usual Bodyline standard and there is no inner lining. The skirt design is quite simple but I mainly wanted it for the print anyway. 

I was a little bit surprised by the sizing on this skirt. I decided to ask for the 2L size despite being under the minimum measurement (mainly because I like to be comfortable). But I was surprised to find that I needed to loosen the ribbon corset to get it to fit! So I definitely think the skirt can go smaller than the website suggests. After loosening the ribbon, the skirt fit fine and felt comfortable. However, I would be wary of getting this skirt if you are near the maximum measurement. I am so glad I got the 2L now as I worry the M size wouldn't be comfortable. I think over time the skirt will become a bit more slack and the website measurements may be slightly more accurate.

As for the print, it is beautiful! I think it has a nice sweet/classic hybrid feel to it and could easily be worn with both styles. The print is quite crisp and not blurry. I was a little surprised by the colour of the lavender ribbon in the print though. It is a bit darker than I was expecting so I am having to rethink which lavender items to pair with it.

The lace on the bottom hem is not the prettiest I have seen but I don't think it is that bad. At least it has been attached neatly.

I was also given blouse L373 in off-white. I already own this blouse in lavender. Like a lot of Bodyline blouses, the material is thin and can sometimes feel a bit paper-like. But out of all of Bodyline's blouses, I think L373 is one of the better options. It is still a little bit see-through though so I will only be wearing nude coloured bras with it!

I like the rose shaped buttons a lot. The pleats are done neatly and the stitching is tidy. I have not found any loose threads anywhere yet. Not pictured is the neck tie that comes with the blouse.

Again, the lace could have been better but I don't think it looks too bad. I think the sleeves could have been done a bit prettier but I appreciate how flexible they are size-wise.

So those are the latest additions to my wardrobe! I look forward to making an outfit with the skirt (once I have figured out that tricky purple shade!). The blouse- although very limiting bra-wise- is a nice wardrobe staple and I am pleased with this addition to my blouse collection. I think the quality is good for the price. I am so grateful that my husband got me these wonderful presents!


  1. I have that skirt in brown, its one of my favourites!

    1. I can see why! It is such a gorgeous print!

  2. Yes, I was taken with how nice the skirt's print looked as well. I just adore the color purple and try to find ways to incorporate it in my wardrobe. Thank you for the review. I now know what sixe to get in my next order.

    1. It is so lovely in person! I am glad you enjoyed my review.


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