Monday, 10 June 2013

Take a Theme- Birds

Today's post will be the first in a new series of posts I am going to be writing under the label Take a Theme. Sometimes whenever I see a print I like I will try and find items that match the main theme of the print. I don't always get the chance to share my finds on this blog and so the Take a Theme posts will be me posting my findings based on whichever theme I have chosen. Do feel free to leave suggestions for future Take a Theme posts and I will try my best!

For my first Take a Theme post I have chosen birds. So here are some bird themed items that I have found on the net.

Potential sub themes for birds- nests, eggs, feathers, cages.

I chose birds for my first theme and picked a mixture of different styles for my final picks. The mixed bird nail transfers would make an interesting addition to a natural, nature themed outfit. Items 5-7 would add a more dressy feel to an outfit. Items such as the Roxie Sweetheart have a touch of cute to them and would be perfect for sweet lovers.

Hopefully as I write more Take a Theme posts they will improve over time. I hope to uncover some interesting finds that could help finish future outfits. Plus it gives me a brilliant excuse to go window shopping! So if you have any ideas for future theme to look at then feel free to tell me them.

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