Monday, 17 June 2013

Some Day of Ranunculus by Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Today I am looking at a recent offering from Baby the Stars Shine Bright called Some Day of Ranunculus. This series includes 2 dresses, a skirt, a blouse, wrist cuffs, 3 different hair accessories and socks.

This is the Lycia JSK. The bodice looks reasonably well fitted and an okay shape, albeit a bit simple. The straps are a bit thin but I think the width suits the style of dress. The outer edge of the straps is lined with pretty lace, which gives a softer feel to them. The waist bow is a nice size and looks like it sits well on the dress. However, the shape is a bit basic. Maybe some thin lace around the edges would have brightened it up a bit. Thankfully it is detachable if you don't like it.

When you look at this dress from a distance the neckline detail looks weird and bulky. However, in the close-up picture we can see the detail a lot better and it looks a lot nicer. But the fact that the details blend in together and don't look as attractive from a bit further away bothers me slightly. When looking close up I think the lace is very pretty and I love the detail on it. It is possibly a bit too wide for my liking though. The ribbon used is also pretty and despite being a bit shiny, I think it works nicely. The ribbon bow in the centre is very cute and a lovely shape. It's the right soft of size too. 

The back is fully shirred and so, it is left open and exposed. But due to the style of print, it doesn't look too bad and blends in a bit. I thought the length of the back of the bodice was a bit short. The skirt flares out enough but I don't think the shape is quite right. It looks very straight and a bit dull. I also think that it was pointless dividing the skirt up in to two tiers because the tiers look flat and lifeless. It doesn't really add anything to the design. Overall, I think the skirt is a real let-down. The lace used on the bottom hem is cute though.

This is the Buzet JSK. The bodice looks well fitted and is an interesting shape. The straps are a good width. I like the way that the straps are layered with a gathered frill of the dress fabric on top and the way the lace has been used here as well. It makes the straps look more interesting and it goes well with details on other areas of the dress.

The waist bow is made of ribbon which is a bit shiny, but is a good size and shape. It looks like it sits well on the dress too without drooping too much. The front has a ribbon corset. The ribbon is spaced out well, without looking too bunched up and the edges are cleverly concealed by the rose lace. I absolutely love the use of lace on this bodice. It has been laid out well and looks very neat and tidy. The neckline lace is very pretty and all the lace used looks to be of a good quality. Overall, I am impressed.

The back has a panel of shirring which is concealed very neatly by a ribbon corset. The skirt shape is thankfully better than the other dress. In some of the stock photos it looks like it could do with being a bit more rounded but I think I may have chosen the worst photo! In some of the other photos it does look slightly more rounded. The shape is subtle but will look great with the right petticoat. You don't want an overpowering OTT shape with a delicate floral print anyway.

The skirt has this layered detail to it, with the top layer having a scalloped edge. The scalloped edge has been done neatly and it is well spaced. I wouldn't have bothered with the straight line of rose lace just above the scallops though, as I think it looks a bit strange and isn't necessary. What I do love though, is the detail used where the scallops meet. It has been topped with the small ribbon bow and then lace has been cleverly used underneath. I think it is a very interesting and innovative idea. It adds detail and gives it a more luxurious feel, without being too bulky and overpowering. The bottom tier is a simple gathered ruffled layer. The layers are spaced out well. The bottom hem is kept plain, but I think the skirt has enough detail anyway.

And here we have the print close up. This print comes in pink, mint and lavender. I think all 3 colours look very pretty with the print. But for me the stand-out colour is the lavender, as the lavender/pink combination works beautifully. As for the print, it is like most standard floral prints we are used to seeing. However, the roses are drawn very beautifully and have a lot of detail to them. They have a lot of depth and are coloured well. The lace between the flowers is also pretty with lots of detail. I like how Baby have included their 'B' heart shape logo in as well, as it has been done subtly. The stripy background adds a bit of interest and gives the print a sweeter feel. The colour choices are sweet as well and I think this series could be a good choice for those who like both sweet and classic lolita.

So in a fashion where we are used to seeing lots of floral prints, I would say this series is a good offering. I can't really fault the print. I feel that design-wise, the Buzet JSK is the obvious winner out of the 2 JSKs. The Lycia JSK is disappointing in my opinion and doesn't have the same attention to detail that the Buzet JSK has. Would I buy from this series? Possibly, but I think I prefer AP's recent Eternal Rose Bouquet. But this series does have a lovely, demure sweet look to it. If I was to buy it I would go for the Buzet JSK in lavender. Overall, I would say this series has a lot of potential to it and I could see it doing well.

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