Thursday, 27 June 2013

Boddywood and Day Dream Carnival Review

I recently placed an order with AP Paris via and I shall be reviewing it today. For those who don't know, Boddywood is the store that AP Paris is based in and you can now buy AP on their website.

Ordering Process

The website is fairly easy to use and set out quite well. You are able to change the language on the website, although I found in some areas the French did not translate. But despite this, I was able to navigate my way around the website with ease. When it came to going to the checkout I couldn't find the United Kingdom on their drop-down list of countries they ship to, but I then clicked on the Pay With Paypal button and it turned out fine. I was emailed a confirmation quickly and I was confident my order had gone through correctly.


I placed the order on a Thursday and it arrived the following Tuesday. It would have come on the Monday, but it was a bank holiday weekend. I think this is very fast and i was impressed. The last time I ordered from AP Paris I had trouble with the La Poste tracking, but this time I was able to track it. It showed up fine on the Parcelforce website anyway, if it hadn't been working.

My order was shipped in a cardboard box. It was sealed well but the cardboard was a bit flimsy. Luckily my order wasn't fragile anyway. Although it is good to see Boddywood recycle.

Inside my order was neatly packed inside AP shopping bags and I had a lovely note to greet me when I opened up the box!

And here is my wonderful new dress. I love it! The size the AP listed the dress at seems fairly accurate. The material feels very light and when I tried the dress on it didn't feel heavy at all. 

My pictures do not do the print justice. It is beautiful in person. The print is crisp with clear lines. The colours are exactly how I expected them to be.

Cute pony lace!

The straps are a bit fiddly at first but you soon get used to them. I admit I did want the other style of JSK, but that had long sold out... I did worry the tulle straps would be a bit flimsy and I would not recommend attempting to stretch this dress beyond the maximum measurements.

The tulle belt is easily adjustable. I love the star buttons too.

Although I preferred the other style of JSK, I admit that I do like the patch on this one. I love the dangling star chain.

And here is a back view. The bow on the back is not linked to the belt at all and it sits very beautifully on the dress when worn.

The dress is lined by both a soft layer and then a stiffer layer, which helps to give the dress shape. In fact, I have discovered that you don't need much petticoat with this dress because it already has a bit of shape to it. The soft layer feels really lovely against my skin.

I also got the matching head bow. It is bigger than I was expecting it to be. The shape is also a bit different, but it is growing on me. I love how it is lined with gold and has the 2 lines of pearls. It compliments the dress perfectly.

So overall, this was a very positive experience. The one thing I would say is that ordering from AP Paris may not always work out the cheapest, but if you live in Europe you wont get hit by customs, which is something to consider. Also, whilst the other AP sites sold out of DDC stupidly quickly, I was able to order DDC from Boddywood without feeling rushed. Boddywood's service lived up to my expectations and I would recommend them highly.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. It is definitely one of my favourite pieces now!

  2. Congrats on your purchase! I was unaware that you could order from AP Paris in this way, and will definitely check it out in future as I'm guessing not many know about it.

    Making me excited to get my DDC, although I still have to wait months as I got it when the made-to-order went up.

    1. Thank you! The website is fairly new so I guess word hasn't spread much yet. I still can't believe I got DDC so easily!

      It will be worth it when you get it! The dress is gorgeous.


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