Monday, 15 April 2013

We Love Colors Tights Review

Today I will be reviewing my order from We Love Colors, an American tights company who make tights in a wide variety of colours. The prices seem relatively good considering that sometimes it is hard to find tights in a certain colour.

Ordering Process

The site was very easy to browse and the shopping cart was straight forward. There is a colour guide conveniently placed in the left hand menu. It can be hard to get an accurate colour guide when online shopping, but I found WLC's one to be reasonably accurate. I had no troubles placing my order at all.


For international orders WLC offers 3 different shipping options. I opted for the mid priced option which was the cheaper of the 2 FedEx options available. This option did not come with tracking (I am not sure if the most expensive option does or not?) but I have not had problems with FedEx before, so I wasn't too worried. It was a bit annoying not knowing when my order was arriving though! I placed my order on the 1st of April and it was shipped out on the 2nd. The tights arrived on Friday the 5th, so the shipping was super speedy.

My tights were shipped in a sturdy cardboard FedEx envelope. It was well sealed and it was so well done that I actually had trouble opening it. There wasn't much room for the contents to move inside either. The only thing is, the tights inside did not come with any packaging like shrink wrap or plastic covering them.

Something that annoyed me a little was the bits of card around the tights were super sticky and I was scared I was going to damage the tights when I pulled them off. Thankfully, the tights are strong and they were totally fine. From left to right I got lilac, aqua and light pink. Like I said above, the colour guide is quite accurate, although I was hoping the lilac ones would be a tiny bit lighter. The tight quality is really good though. The material is nice and thick and I get the impression they don't ladder easily.

When worn the colour does not fade that much and they remain opaque. The sizing given on the website seems pretty accurate as well.

Just as a little reference, the aqua tights are an okay match for sax blue. I had a hard time choosing between this shade and another blue shade that is very similar. In the end, I went for Aqua as I felt it was a tiny bit lighter. I decided to compare it to my Bodyline strawberry cream skirt and the colour is identical to the tulle bit at the bottom of the skirt and also a fairly good match for the sax blue on the rest of the skirt. So I am very pleased with how these tights turned out!

So overall, I had a very positive experience. I think the tights will last very well and the colours are great. I have not had the chance to wash them yet, so I will have to wait and see how that goes. But I think as long as I follow the care instructions, they will be fine. The shipping and ordering was easy too. So I would recommend We Love Colors.


  1. The colours are so lovely :) it's good that they remain opaque too!

    1. I love how bright the colours are! The quality is great too.

  2. Hello Luna Rain~ I love those tights! They look so fun~ I tend to get itchy in tights, so I'm picky when it comes to them lol.

    1. Yeah, the bright colours are very fun! So far I have found these tights to feel quite smooth. I don't like itchy tights!

    2. Hooray for smooth tights! ^-^


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