Monday, 22 April 2013

Wardrobe Tetris!

I am going through a real wardrobe dilemma at the moment. Due to living in such a small place, there is very limited places where I can store my lolita wardrobe. Unfortunately, the rail in my wardrobe was so stuffed that I could barely pull things out. I sort of had to dive in and keep my fingers crossed I pulled the right items out! But because I am so happy with my wardrobe currently I really don't want to sell anything.

Then it occurred to me... there was an empty space underneath my dresses and above my top shoe shelf.

So I put the shoes on my top shoe shelf in to shoe boxes and put them to one side. It is not ideal, but considering that I am the sort of person who lays their meet outfits out the night before, it isn't too much hassle. I will eventually label my shoe boxes so I know what everything is at a glance. 

With the extra shoe shelf space I put in an extra storage box. I took down all my boleros and cutsews that were on the rail and put them in the box. The tops I put in the box are the sort that either don't crease easily or stuff that I don't wear as much. From time to time I will need to iron my tops before I wear them but I am more than prepared to do this if it means I can fit more in my wardrobe. It may not look it in the picture, but my clothes rail now has a lot more breathing room. I should be able to fit a few more dresses in there yet!

I call this Wardrobe Tetris! I know there is going to come a stage where I will probably need to downsize my wardrobe a little, but by playing around with the space a little bit I was able to prevent this for a bit longer. Maybe by then I will have a better idea of what items I want to keep.


  1. I am far too familiar with wardrobe tetris...but luckily my boyfriend likes doing it, and is better at it than I am so when I need it most, the tetris happens like magic! But your wardrobe is so pretty!

    1. Lucky you. Your boyfriend sounds very sweet!

      Thank you! :D


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