Thursday, 25 April 2013

Eternal Rose Bouquet by Angelic Pretty

Today I am looking at Eternal Rose Bouquet by Angelic Pretty. This series includes 3 dresses, a skirt, a head bow, a bonnet and socks.

This is the OP. The bodice material looked a bit loose and baggy in some of the photos, but the shape of the bodice is nice and interesting. I like the use of chiffon here, because it gives the illusion of the OP being a JSK. The chiffon is so soft looking. I love the shape of the sleeves and the way they are gathered. It gives them a puffier appearance, so the chiffon is not just sitting flatly against the wearer's arms. The edges of the sleeves have a lot of layered wide lace but I would say it looks more decorative than OTT, so I think it works well. The waist bow is a good size for the dress and doesn't look too big. It has got a nice shape to it, although it is a little strange that the bows tails are made of shiny ribbon, as it is a bit of a contrast to the rest of the bow. 

The lace used along the chest line is very decorative. I love how detailed it is. The rose buttons used are beautiful and spaced out well. There is also the detachable brooch which is decorated prettily with golden detail and 2 complimenting colours of ribbon. Whilst I think the dress works well without the brooch there, I personally think it looks nicer with the brooch attached. The lace on the chiffon part sits nicely and looks very neat. The ruffled collar suits the style of the dress, although I can imagine it tickles a bit!

The back has not got any shirring, which is a shame. The skirt has a wonderful flared shape to it. It is so full and will hold a lot of petticoat. I think a fuller, more exaggerated skirt looks great with this dress. The skirt has these wonderful chiffon panels layered on top and because of the style of print, the print is still displayed fairly well. The chiffon layers give the skirt a really dreamy princess-like feel. If I were to be picky though, I would have preferred one chiffon panel that ran the whole way around the back, instead of having 2 chiffon panels on either side. The edges of the chiffon are topped with small bows. The bows are a cute shape and size, although they are a bit too shiny for my liking. Normally I would find this use of so many bows a bit OTT, but it works well on this dress. The skirt underneath the chiffon is divided in to tiers. The tiers are spaced out nicely and the joins have been done well, without looking bumpy. The bottom hem is then finished with some simple thin lace.

This is the Mini Sleeve JSK. The bodice is a beautiful shape and reminds me of the styles we are used to seeing from more classic brands. The material is a bit baggy looking though, because there is a lot of shirring, so it maybe is not the best choice if you are smaller in size. The waist bow is a bit on the big side and I think the dress design would have worked fine if there was no waist bow at all. The bow itself is quite basic in shape, but at least it doesn't look droopy.

The bodice has a gathered panel which works very well when teamed with the sleeves. The sleeves are very cute and I would be tempted to treat this dress more like an OP than a JSK, and not wear a blouse underneath. I like the use of lace along the neckline as the lace is quite soft looking. I also like the use of lace around the edge of the gathered panel and down the bodice, as it gives a neat panelled look. This dress has the same detachable brooch and I think the dress looks fine without it. I don't think the small bow underneath the brooch really adds anything to the design and is a bit pointless.

The back is fully shirred, which gives a wider size range but is a bit messy looking. I am not entirely convinced full back shirring is the best option for this particular style of dress. The skirt is a beautiful shape and flares out well. It will hold a decent amount of petticoat too. The print is displayed beautifully. The skirt has two more tiers attached at the bottom. The tiers are a good width. I am unsure I like the way the first tier is attached though, as it looks a bit bumpy. The first tier join is topped with 2 bows. The bows are a pretty shape, although a bit shiny. I think I would like these bows a lot more if there wasn't a waist bow though. The tiers are finished at the bottom with thin lace, which is not too distracting and ends things nicely.

And this is the Dress JSK. The bodice looks reasonably well fitted and an okay shape. The straps are a bit on the thin side and I think they could have been done a tiny bit wider. The straps are decorated beautifully with lace though. I think the lace is very pretty and floaty looking, but if you don't like it then it is detachable. Even with the lace parts detached the straps are still finished nicely with thin lace underneath, so the straps don't look too plain.

The bodice has a ribbon corset detail on the front. The ribbon is spaced out well and it looks very neatly done, although the ribbon is a tiny bit shiny. The edges of the ribbon corset are concealed well with some lace. It gives it a more tidy appearance. The neck line has a line of lace which matches up brilliantly with the strap lace. I think the dress looks best with the strap lace parts attached, as it really ties everything together. The neckline also has the same detachable brooch as the other 2 dresses. I think the dress looks good with the brooch attached and detached. However, I am not a fan of the 2 side bows on the waist line (just visible in the picture). They are quite dull and droopy looking. The shape is very basic as well. They don't even look like bows unless you look at the dress from the side.

The back has a panel of shirring. It is concealed neatly with a ribbon corset. I am not entirely convinced by the skirt shape because where it starts at the waist it looks very flat and a bit awkward. But once you get past the waist area, the skirt flares out well. I would have preferred the skirt to be a bit rounder. The skirt has 2 gathered parts at the front, which looks very pretty. The bows on top are a bit shiny though and I don't think the 2 smaller bows are needed. There is also gathering done on the back of the dress in exactly the same way and I think this is a bit too much. The dress would be fine if the gathering part was just on the front. The bottom is finished off with solid coloured tulle, which I think is pretty and gives the dress a soft and floaty finish.

And here we have the print close-up. This print is available in ivory, pink, mint and lavender. It is very hard to pick a favourite colour because I think all 4 colours are stunning and look amazing with the print. At the moment, the mint version just about takes the lead for me, as the combination of mint and pink is amazing here. As for the print itself, it has been drawn so beautifully! I love the detail on the rose with the use of highlights and shading. It gives the roses a more realistic look to them. They are tied neatly with cute ribbons. The ribbons have nice movement to them and look very floaty; as if they have just been caught in a breeze. I think the way the logo is included in the print could have been done a bit nicer, but apart from that I think this is a stunning print. It has a really lovely classic feel to it, but at the same time it has that sweet AP twist.

I think that this series has a lot of potential and could have wide appeal. It is a very dreamy and romantic series. The colours chosen work really well. Would I buy it? Yes, I probably would. If I had to pick, I would go for the OP in mint (and I don't normally like OPs!). I really like the use of softer, floaty materials used throughout this series and the print is gorgeous too.

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