Monday, 25 March 2013

Mini March Meet Up!

So we just had the March Oxford Loli meet. It was a bit of a small meet because it was arranged right at the last minute and unfortunately, the UK weather has been truly miserable lately. British Summer Time is meant to start soon but we have not even had Spring yet!

Although it doesn't show in the photos, it was in fact snowing all day. The reason why I am wearing non-matching boots is that they were the only sensible footwear I had to hand after spending my Winter lolita boot fund elsewhere (oops...). I wore Bodyline's Love jewellery print skirt and matching bag. As this was a last minute thing I just threw on a load of pink and pearls. I got the chance to wear one of my new DreamV cutsews (a review will come eventually!). I was originally meant to wear Dream Sky, because a whole year after obtaining it, I finally put together an outfit for it! So I was a bit gutted that the weather put a stop to that.

I took a picture of the chest details only to discover afterwards that the necklace is the wrong way around in the photo... As you can see, I am making good use of my Claire's rose clips though! They are proving to be very handy.

I don't have a great deal of pictures because the plan was to get food and go shopping. The only photo I have of us in the pub is of Michelle and her boyfriend Alex playing magic. We went to the Mitre, where I held the first Oxford anniversary meet. The chips there are amazing and bottomless as well, so you get free refills! It was nice to just sit about and talk properly. Also, it was definitely nicer than being outside in the cold.

And a group photo of us! Shalisa was meant to come but sadly couldn't make it, which is a real shame.

I think this was a really fun day. Sometimes it is good to do something a bit more casual as there is less pressure put on the host and it is good to have a proper catch up where you can talk to people. Things have been a bit too quiet in my life lately, so this meet is just what I needed!


  1. I am so gutted I missed this meet! I'd been really looking forward to it. It sucks not living closer by :(

    You all look lovely and I'm glad you all had a good time!

    1. I really missed you! Stupid UK weather :(

      Thank you! It was a great day :)


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