Thursday, 28 March 2013

Easter Egg Nails

Happy Easter for Sunday! I am hopefully seeing friends and off to my mum's house for a traditional Sunday roast dinner this weekend. Also, I am hoping for lots of chocolate! It looks like here in the UK we will still be freezing cold as the weather is still very bad here. Lately I have been curling up near the heater and not doing very much.

But I did take the time to do some Easter themed nails the other evening. They are inspired by Easter eggs.

They look a bit messy because my hands were very unsteady. I thought drawing ovals would be simple! I drew different patterns on each nail. I decided on a pink/lavender/white colour scheme, seeing as this is currently one of my favourite colour combinations.

Does it look like an Easter egg? I hope it does!

And this is my right hand. I prefer the left hand because it is easier to draw on that hand.

I have been thinking up some Spring inspired outfits but the UK hasn't even seen Spring yet! For now I will just have to settle for brightly coloured nails.


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