Thursday, 28 February 2013

Twin Etoile by Angelic Pretty

Today I will be having a look at the latest release from Angelic Pretty. This series is called Twin Etoile. It includes 2 dresses, a skirt, a cutsew, a cardigan, a hair bow, a feather hair band, 3 pieces of jewellery and a pair of socks.

This is the Bustier dress. The bodice is well fitted, as you would expect from a bustier style top. The bodice is also a pretty shape. The waist bow is a bit soft and droopy, but it looks better this way. If this bow was stiffer, I don't think it would have suited the dress as well. The bodice has a ribbon corset on the front. The satin ribbon is a bit on the shiny side but I don't think the shininess looks too bad. The ribbon is well spaced out and is tied off nicely at the top. Both edges of the ribbon corset are lined with lace, which is good for disguising the edges. It gives it a neater finish. The lace on the neckline looks very pretty. The gathering gives it a lovely frothy appearance and I like how it gives the illusion of a slight heart shaped neckline. The back has a small panel of shirring which is concealed by a ribbon corset. The ribbon does look a bit bunched together here, but it does keep the shirring hidden. My only complaint would be that I wish the sizing was a bit more flexible so a wider range of sizes could wear it. The skirt has a very pretty rounded shape to it. It flares out really well, which I think it works great when paired with the tighter bodice. The overall shape definitely reminds me of a ballerina's dress. The print is displayed well because the skirt is kept clutter free. The bottom hem is finished off with some gorgeous crown lace, which I absolutely love.

This is the other JSK. The bodice is a nice shape. It generally appears to be well fitted, but there seems to be losse, baggy material in places. I really love the V shaped waist line. The neckline is a very interesting shape and lined with lace for a softer touch.

What is interesting about this dress is the way the straps have been done. The ribbon shoulder straps are topped with a line of pearls and finished with small ribbon bows. I am not entirely convinced by this detail but I think it is very interesting and a bit different. My only worry is that the straps don't look like they give much support. The pearls are detachable if you are not a fan.

The bodice has 2 tiny ribbon corsets on either side. I really love this detail and I think it has been executed well. The ribbon is well spaced and looks pretty. I dislike the raised panel at the top though. The shape reminds me of a bra. I think if it was a different shape I would like it more. The bow on top is an interesting shape. It kind of reminds me of a butterfly. I like how its a bit different. The pearl is a nice touch too, as it matches the straps.

The back has a panel of shirring which is concealed well by a ribbon corset. This time the shirring is a lot more forgiving. The skirt is a pretty shape. It is very rounded and full. It flares out beautifully. The skirt is topped with a small layer of chiffon. The chiffon is shaped nicely and I think it gives the skirt a lovely, romantic look to it. The print is displayed very well. The bottom hem is finished off with more of the awesome crown lace.

This is the print close up. As we can see from the picture the print comes in white, pink, lavender and black. I think all of the colours work very well with the print but for me, this series is all about the lavender! I think the lavender colour looks stunning teamed with this print. The only thing I am concerned about is that the colours in the actual print are quite soft and I worry the print blends in a bit too much. The print itself is beautiful. I love the ballerinas. The swans are very pretty. AP have proved that its not just Meta who can draw a nice swan! I especially love the ballerina shoes with the ribbon straps flowing to spell out Angelic Pretty. The feathers are a nice touch too and I love the inclusion of the melty moon.

I am a fan of the feather headpiece. The feathers are so soft looking and remind me of a ballerina's headpiece. So it fits in well with the theme of the print. The bow adds a touch of typical AP cuteness to things. I am already thinking up lots of different dresses this headpiece can go with! 

I like the idea behind the jewellery and the wing theme does suit the print. However, the jewellery is quite cheap looking. I have noticed it is mainly the white version of the ring and necklace that looks a bit cheap. To be honest, it looks like something that wouldn't look out of place at Claire's Accessories. The feather earrings with actual feathers are pretty, but a similar design could be picked up in a variety of places. If I was going to get the jewellery from this series I would stick with the silver colour.

Overall, I do believe this is a very beautiful series. I think this is going to be a strong seller. Would I buy it? Yes, I would probably get the bustier dress in lavender. I also wouldn't mind the matching feather headpiece. I probably wont add it to my wishlist at the moment but I would be more than happy to have this in my wardrobe. The jewellery is a bit of a let down but a quick search on Etsy is bound to bring up some gorgeous pieces that would easily match. I can imagine there are going to be some very beautiful outfits made with this series!


  1. The print is just adorable! I think the lavender is a super lovely colour too!

    1. Yeah, the lavender is by far my favourite colour! :D


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