Monday, 4 February 2013

Cambridge Satchel Company

Late last year, I decided to think about bags to suit classic lolita and decided to Google satchels. It didn't take me long to discover my new wishlist item- a satchel from the Cambridge Satchel Company. Satchels to me, bring an image to mind of a young school girl sent off to school with her satchel in hand. You don't really see kids using satchels any more, so they have a real nostalgic feel to them. I have a feeling the owner of the Cambridge Satchel Company feels the same way and wanted to recapture that nostalgia. Satchels also have the benefit of being quite practical and sensible to use in other situations, such as work. The website is available here-

I already own a Primark satchel but to be honest, it's not that well made and it looking a bit battered after being chucked to the back of my wardrobe. But these satchels here seem to have so much love and attention put in to them. What I love about the Cambridge Satchel Company is how everything is made to your specifications. You can choose the size, whether it has a handle or not, and you can even get them embossed. I feel this makes them more personal to the user.

My biggest regret is that I didn't find out about this company sooner. Last year the Cambridge Satchel Company brought out a pastel collection. I REALLY want the lavender satchel from this collection. Unfortunately, the collection is long gone now. I love the delicate shades in this collection. I thought the lavender satchel would make an interesting, more grown up bag for sweet lolita. At a push, I would have probably used it for classic too. Sadly, unless I find one up for auction, it is probably never going to be in my possession. If anybody sees one, let me know!

The other alternative would be to get a pastel satchel from Zatchels-

Zatchels have been accused of ripping off the Cambridge Satchel Company designs and it is fair to say, the bags do look pretty similar. However, the violet bag in the Zatchels collection is not as nice in my opinion, and not the colour I was looking for. But despite this, I do think that the baby pink, baby blue and ivory ones from Zatchels are very pretty. I especially like the look of the baby pink one. So maybe I will give in and get a pink one sometime.

Out of the 2 companies though, it is the Cambridge Satchel Company who have won my heart. I feel that so much love goes in to those bags. Here is hoping that somebody auctions their lavender satchel or that they release another pastel collection at some point!


  1. I love the Cambridge Satchels, I have one in pink :)
    That lilac colour is super cute too!

    1. Cool! I bet your pink one is really cute! I hope I am able to find the lilac one...


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