Monday, 7 January 2013

Things I Would Like To See In 2013

With 2013 starting, it is time for another of these posts where I set out my hopes and dreams for the year ahead. Some of my dreams are ones you may recognise from last year's post which still haven't come true!

1. Angelic Pretty Releasing A Duck Print- This one is returning from 2012's post! I would love to see Angelic Pretty doing an Easter themed print with ducks. We have had bunnies (LOTS of bunnies) and chicks... I thought maybe ducks would be a bit different. I reckon if AP did a duck print, I would love it a whole lot more than Meta's March of the Duck (a print that I adore!). I would be very interested to see what AP did with ducks and I know some people found the Meta ducks a bit too derpy looking for their liking.

2. Baby releasing less questionable looking bags- Some Baby bags look very pretty. Others? Not so much... Looking back at my posts in 2012, it would appear that I have on a couple of occasions not been very kind about Baby's bag designs. The most recent Baby bag I have slated was this rabbit bag from the Secret Garden series, which is essentially a flat rabbit with a tiny purse stuck on the back.

3. Japonica keeping their commission charges at the new lower rate- For those of you who maybe haven't been on the Japonica website recently, they have lowered their commission rates! Their charges are now a bit more in line with their competitors; making them a more attractive shopping service option. So let's hope their charges stay at this new rate!

4. For Bodyline to extend their bolero colours to include lavender- I love Bodyline boleros but it does sometimes annoy me that there are not that many colour options. I would love to see Bodyline doing a lavender bolero. Also, wine and navy boleros from Bodyline would be good addition as well. As somebody who unfortunately feels the cold a lot, sometimes my only option is to pile on the layers and it would be so handy to have more colour choices.

5. More prints like Metamorphose's Fancy Egg- I absolutely loved Meta's Fancy Egg print. One of my favourite parts of the print is the fact that Faberge style eggs is something we have not really seen before in lolita. It felt very fresh and new. It makes me wonder what other sort of new territory lolita print designers could explore. Also, I kind of wonder how the more classic brands would have done a Feberge egg print. Imagine if Mary Magdalene had done one... I bet it would look amazing!

6. Loads more chiffon!- For me, 2012 was the year that I fell head over heels in love with chiffon. Chiffon blouses dominated my lolita purchases last year. They are so light and easy to wear. Also, I love the way the fabric looks so delicate and dreamy. A special mention goes to Baby's chiffon blouses, which are amazing. My current favourite is the Raphael blouse which came out in late 2011 (seen below).

7. More Juliette et Justine printed tights- I remember when I first saw the JetJ tights at the Tea Party Club 5th Anniversary Event and thinking their designs were amazing and full of detail. I later went on to use my discount coupon on a pair of the cross tights which I had just missed out on at the event. Also, I would like to see more Angelic Pretty tights as well.

So that is what I would like to see in 2013. Let's find out if any of my wishes come true this year!


  1. Hahaha! I agree with your BTSSB bag one! Like wtf were they thinking!?

    1. I really hate that rabbit bag! It is so strange looking! There were a few others I wasn't keen on either.


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