Thursday, 3 January 2013

Back From My Break- Hello 2013!

I'm back from my time off! I hope everybody had a good Christmas. I have had a very good time, albeit with the odd bit of chaos thrown in. Please bear with me, as my brain has not quite caught up with things going back to normal yet...

Here is hoping that 2013 will be full of fun frilly times! I have to be honest, I have not worn lolita much over the Winter so far. A lot of that has to do with the fact that it wont stop raining here in the UK. It is seriously depressing. I think I need to invest in some more Winter friendly lolita items. But hopefully I will still be blogging as usual. I have a lot of posts I need to write up.

So... did I get any lolita stuff for Christmas? Yes! I got a small haul of Bodyline items from my husband James. This time I said I would like some basics and wardrobe building items.

The first item I got was this pair of ankle socks with crown motif. These appeared on the Bodyline website quite some time ago and then all of a sudden, they disappeared before I could buy them! Luckily, they came back (see, Bodyline does restock sometimes) and James was able to get them for me. In 2012 I brought quite a few crown themed items and these are a very welcome addition to my collection. The material is soft. They fit me quite nicely. I would probably recommend these for people who are a UK size 6 or smaller as any bigger than that might stretch them a bit. The lace is your typical Bodyline quality. It is okay for the price and has been used neatly. 

HOWEVER... I was horrified to find that one of the socks had a stain on them. I didn't notice it at first because it is quite small and James had not spotted it either. It looks like make-up or something of a similar consistency. I have never had this problem with Bodyline before and I am very annoyed about it. It has made me a bit nervous about future Bodyline orders and I am somebody who orders from them on a semi-regular basis. This just isn't acceptable. I would complain but I don't see the point as I don't think Bodyline will do much to resolve the matter. I am going to attempt to wash the sock later and here is hoping the stain comes out. It's so disgusting.

Anyway, let's move back on to the positives...

I also got an off-white cutsew. Cutsews are something I am hoping to buy more of in 2013. As much as I love blouses, I sometimes feel that a cutsew would be a better option. They are more casual, so feel a little less stuffy. When I think back to Summer last year, I remember wearing a blouse and feeling very uncomfortable. So I am very grateful I got this cutsew! The colour is very easy to use in many outfits. I like the lace detail on the front because it helps to make it look more special than just a regular tee-shirt. The sizing was generally good, although I wish the arm circumference was a bit more generous. The sleeves are not too tight on me, but I would have felt more comfortable if it was a little bit bigger. 

Finally, I was given a short sleeved lavender blouse. It's the one that has the separate neck tie. I have not quite mastered the perfect bow with it yet, but the blouse looks fine without it! The material is a little on the thin side but the good thing is that it feels very light when wearing. I love the colour. Lavender is a colour I want to buy more of this year. The rose shaped buttons are lovely and the lace matches well. It fits just as I expected it to.

And that was my Bodyline haul for Christmas. I am a bit angry about the stain on the socks but that aside, I am very pleased with my presents. I am currently waiting for my Christmas treat to myself to arrive (it is stuck in post-Christmas customs and it is not moving at all) and when that comes, I will hopefully have a review of that up on here.

And this ends my first post of 2013. Here is hoping we all have a great year ahead of us!


  1. so cute shirts,I have ordered the same socks in black ^^

    1. Thanks! It's a shame about the stain on the socks but apart from that, they are exactly what I wanted!


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